I always
Wondered what
I did wrong.
Why you never
Loved me.
I was jealous
Of all my friends,
Who had dads
that loved them,
and took them places.
Dads that were always nice,
Dads that cared.

You never
Showed such love,
You yelled at me,
Quite a lot,
And pushed me around.
Did it make you feel
More like a man
To do that?
I would get in trouble
For taking care of myself,
For making myself breakfast
At eight in the morning
While you slept till
Two in the afternoon.

I was forced
To do things
I didn't want to do.

You called me names,
Said I was
Lazy and
I always wondered;
What did I do wrong?
Only to realize,
Later on
After I was
Already corrupted
That you
Were in the wrong.

Now my thoughts
are in the negative.
You've corrupted me,
And my way of life.
I can no longer be that
Carefree child
I once was.
And because of you
All I do is question
Myself and
Everything I do.

Why did you
act like that?
You pushed me away
Told me you wanted
Nothing to do
With me,
Only to reel me back in.
Into your demonic gaze
That laughed at the sight
of my pain.
Why couldn't I have
A dad that cared,
That didn't want to
See me hurt.

Now, though,
Every once
In a while,
I thank you.
If not for you,
I wouldn't be
Who I am today.
The hard working
Young lady,
That doesn't put up
with arrogant people,
The young lady,
Who now,
Thanks to you,
Knows when to steer
Clear, of certain people.
Yes, I still hate you,
But I have grown up.
More so then you ever will.
I am wise enough to thank you,
I will not forgive,
Not again,
But I do thank you for making
Me into the
Strong, smart, hard-working,
caring person I am today