Author's notes: I'm kinda new here in this site and this is the first quarter of chapter 1(and the real story is not yet revealed here)… Testing upload via mobile… I can't really say 'enjoy reading' because of my bad English. Just reading it is appreciated.

"Today is the start of a brand new day as a high school student. When I was in grade six, my grandfather told my parents to drop me out of the school because he will be my tutor. Well we all know that it's a kind of expensive style of education but my grandfather is one hell of a smart and rich guy. He became my teacher until I went high school.

He died last month and since my parents can't afford that kind of education, they enrolled me to a public high school. He gave me something before he died. It's some kind of a journal but I didn't bother to open or read it. It must be something about those supernatural encounter stories of him that I'm surely are just lies and fantasies.

Well… it's been years since the last time I went to a school and now I'm going to have classmates and probably some new friends."


"Today is the first day. I wonder how things will turn out," he thought. "How long has it been?" Ichirou Daimon whispered to himself as he tries to calculate the years passed after his last school days in elementary. The wind blows softly to his dark blue hair with a length just above shoulders.

A couple of more minutes passed before he reaches the school gate. There, he could see the wide school ground with blooming trees on the corners. New faces and surroundings are waiting for him. Just a typical type of school for the others but to his eyes, it's something new and different. His chest race as he takes his first step on the school ground. "This mixed excitement and nervousness makes me feel kind of weird," he said to himself. With no idea where to go first, he saw a number of students gathering at a place where the names of the enrolled students and their respective rooms and sections were posted. "Hmm…"

He approached the place with his eyes staring on the first year listing. As he walked closely he accidentally bumped someone's shoulder. His attention was suddenly withdrawn from the list and quickly turned around to see the person he accidentally collided with and apologize.

"I'm sorry," he said before their eyes meet.

He was surprised to see that it's a girl, looking infuriating at him. This girl with long amber colored hair and dark green eyes seems to be not in the mood. "Pervert!" she answered as she quickly turned her back to him with no intention of listening to what he will say if there is.

There was a long silence from him….

"P-p-pervert! What the f**k? How could she categorize me as one lecherous guy like the others!" he said inside as his left eye twitch in anger while staring at her retrieving back.

Ichirou was never been a pervert in his life. No dirty mags under the beds, no pornos in the closet or anything like that. In fact, he hates perverts especially when he sees one in action. This is because of that incident that happens when he was a child. That moment that might be forever engraved in his memory. He always keeps in mind what his father said: "Respect women."

Anyways, he noticed that he's wasting his precious time so after seeing his name under the 1-A class, he went to the opening ceremony and after that boring speech, he went to his classroom. Maybe seeing the outside view from the room can cool down his head while the class is not starting yet.

He slid the door open and the first thing he notice is his classmates chatting and laughing to each other. Some are in couple while others are in a small group.

Almost all of the seats are occupied except the one in the last row at the back just beside the window.

PERFECT! Since he not that sociable friendly type, that spot is just perfect. He went to that isolated seat unnoticed and quietly places his bag on the desk. He let out a deep sigh like he just got tired this morning when everyone is in their peak condition. The seat in front of him is also vacant and their homeroom teacher now enters the room.

"Okay everyone, please take your seats, our class is about to start," their teacher said with a very pleasant voice that made some boys grin at her lecherously. It's unavoidable since she's in her twenties and very attractive. Her velvet long hair and red eyes almost caught every guys in the room

"THUD!" The door slid open

The classroom was filled with silence and everyone's attention draws at her; the amber haired girl. She still looks upset and she's draining the room's happy mood with that look despite the fact that's she's very cute. Who knows who or what pissed her off that morning. The awkward silence was cut when Ms. Nozumi, the homeroom teacher, approach the young student in a cheerful manner.

"Please take your seat, class is about to start. I'm holding a pre-test," said their teacher with a smile. Hearing the word pre-test made her startle. Her once piercing eyes turned to rather shocked as she started to sweat in the forehead.

Everyone knows about the pretest including Ichirou. It doesn't matter if passes or not, it's just a test about something that haven't taught yet. Well, the moody girl may have not known it.

"W-w-what the hell did she just say? Test? I didn't even re-study my notes from my previous year," she thought.

"ano… Are you alright?" asked Ms. Nozumi looking at her blank face closely which made snapped out of her thoughts. "Y-yes," she replied, speeding walking to the seat in front of Ichirou without even noticing who is next behind that seat.

"Come on, of all the freshmen in this school, why her?" he murmured very softly. Though it was very inaudible, she still heard it. She slowly turned her face on him and gave him the darkest glare he could ever see in his life. "Eeek! She heard it. Damn, it's creepy,"

Though his mind is in a big panic, he kept his cool serious face up and glared back at her. But her face suddenly changed from ferocious eyes to an insulting grin, and then her mouth moved without a sound.


"Are you trying to create war," he shouted in his brains while his teeth gritted and the pen in his hand cracked from a tightening grip." I think this is getting annoying at the same time interesting."