Chapter 1-1

They heard writing on the chalkboard before knowing that their teacher is now formally introducing herself.

"Now that I think we're all here, let me introduce myself. I'm Ms. Risa Nozumi and I will be your homeroom teacher for the entire year. I hope we get along."

"Hai!" answered the whole class as most of the boys answered louder than the girls did. Ms. Nozumi was delighted to see her energetic class and she began calling names for attendance.

While the class is having a good time listening to their homeroom teacher, there's a staring war between Ichirou and the amber –haired girl. There's dark bluish aura surrounding them the moment their eyes met. And believe it or not, they're miraculously communicating by eyes.

"I can't believe this dog is my classmate."

"What the hell? What's wrong with you amber-haired girl?"

" Bastard."

"Look young lady, I'm not here for feud but if you insist I'll… I'll…"

"Ichirou Daimon!?... Ichirou Daimon!?" the ascending voice of Ms. Nozumi rang through his ears that made him snapped out of her and mindlessly raised his hand and shouted 'present'. With that, the whole class looked at him and it sure is an awkward moment. She frowned at him and examines his face. She notices that the girl in front of him is facing at him.

"Seriously? Come on guys, you can flirt during vacant hours but please not in my class," she said as she close the record and placed it on the table. The amber haired girl sensed that she's talking about them.

"Flirting? Who said we're flirting?" She asked looking at their teacher. "We don't even know each other well."

"Well, well, let's not discuss about pointless thing and proceed to the pre-test, shall we?" She answered still in a cheerful tone.

The test papers were distributed and the room just went into a deafening silence as the students started answering the test filled with difficult questions (because it's a pre-test). Some were hardly thinking, some struggles, others were answering with ease like Ichirou and there is one that is sweating by just staring at it and that's Kazue, the amber-haired girl. Obviously, she doesn't have any idea about the questions written down but she must try to answer it.

"Crap! I knew i should have read those notes yesterday," she mumbled. She grabbed her pencil and started.

15 minutes later, Daimon finished the test without dropping a sweat. He turned his papers down and gazed the sky. "Grandfather told me that pre-test are pretty hard, though it will not affect your grades, I need to be ready… Did grandfather lie? Cause it's very easy," he thought.

Ms. Nozumi broke the silence."Class, if any of you are done answering, you can now submit your papers to me"

The noise of a chair being dragged caught the attention of the class. As they turn their gaze on him, he was already standing and approaching the teacher's desk with the papers in his hand. They were all amazed. He finds it a little weird on their reactions. What he didn't know that his grandfather's teachings was very advance. But all that he knows is that his grandfather did well in teaching.

"What's with those people? Staring at me like I'm a weirdo? This is easy as hell," he thought, not even bothered to look at those faces. He just focused on giving the test paper Ms. Nozumi. As he hands the paper to her, she quickly scanned the paper for 5 seconds and wrote the score on the top right of it.

"92," she said.

"What the hell? That's fast," he said.

"I see that you got confused in question 39. Don't worry I'll teach it in our upcoming lessons. You may take your seat," she replied softly.

The class didn't hear his score but probably the students in front may have heard it.

(Time's up)

"Now that I already checked your test papers, let's see who's the highest in score," she looked at paper and happily announced "Ichirou Daimon got the highest with score of 92 followed by Shizuku Ishikawa with 85."

The class was once again amazed at him but this time with Shizuku Ishikawa who's sitting next to her with a space apart. With a bright maroon hair with a length just below the shoulders and bright blue eyes, you can't tell that she's that smart. Her butterfly hairpin is noticeable and her innocent look in the face makes her more attractive. On the other hand, Kazue is getting sweaty again for looking at the results of her test.

(Lunch Break)

"Damn, where is the restroom again?" he thought, looking around the building. As he turned right, he finally saw it. A small grin crept on his face now that he can finally pee after an hour of holding it. He saw a guy came out wiping his hands and let him pass through before he stepped inside. He was about to go in one of the cubicles when he noticed something. Something that is not right. Intoxicating and irritating.

"Smoke? Is that a smell of Cigar smoke?" he thought. "That's strange; it should be a little foggy inside."

"If it is in the hallway, someone should have noticed it now and alerted the teacher," he said. "and there should be like cigarette butt around here," he thought. He suddenly felt a feeling that some is staring at him from the small window and he quickly turned around. But there was no one. Only the crown of the tree blocking the sun from penetrating the restroom is visible. Anyways he really got to use the urinal and ignore whatever he is preventing him to pee.

He left out puzzled. "Well that's weird. Totally weird," he muttered.

Lunch break is about to finish and he forgot to bring his own food. Why of all the things? He doesn't want to spend his money for some junk food so probably the gum in his pocket will keep him good 'til the end of the class. "If there is nothing else to do, probably I should head back to the room," he said. While walking the hallway, he saw Kazue just a few steps ahead of him. She is probably heading back too but she doesn't seem to notice him. He doesn't want to anyway so walking in silence will probably do. Then there was this guy, walking to the opposite direction. He looks like a senior. He's not ugly but he looks untrusting. When he was about to pass Kazue, he quickly landed his dirty free hand on her butt. With that sudden action, she was startled and froze from her position as her cheeks blushed in embarrassment. She can't scream from shocked and left her mouth gaping without a sound. She was so upset that she doesn't know how to react.

"Alright- Is this heaven?" he said happily as he drooled on that sensation he is feeling right now. He thought that no one is around until he heard rapid footsteps coming closer. He lifts his face only to see Ichirou's blazing fist coming to his face.

"THIS IS YOUR HELL! PERVERT!" he shouted before the skull crushing force meets the senior's face and sending him to the other end of the hallway.

Everything went slow to her eyes as she sees his face very close to her. Her cheeks went warmer. She's unconsciously staring at her.

"Hey… hey… HEY!" he shouted, snapping out of her daydreaming.

"W-what happen?" she asked.

He wants to say that he protected her from a pervert but he thought of it again "if I said that I protected her, she might still think of me as a pervert in some ways I can't imagine so probably…" he finalize his thought and he said to her as he slowly steps back away from her to avoid direct contact "it's none of your business. I just hate that guy."

He knows to himself that he is both lying and saying the truth at the same time but this may clear his name for some reason. But do you really thought that she believed on what he just said?

With nothing else to say, he waved back and continues to his destination, passing her.

"Well I think things here are alread-,"

Unexpectedly, someone grabbed his sleeve from behind.