The noise resonated through her mind, the most high-pitched ear shattering noise she had ever heard. Only, she wasn't hearing it. It was all in her head.

It was almost deafening, she clutched at her head and cringed in pain as she waited for it to stop. She tried to catch her breath as the noise slowly softened and faded away, leaving her with a pounding headache.

She knew why she was hearing the noise, and why only she could hear it.

He had chosen her, and he was calling her to him. She didn't know what it was, or why it wanted her. The first time she had seen him, she was a little girl. He would watch her from the window while she played with her toys. He was so tall; he almost had to bend down to look into the window. His skin was as white as ivory, but the thing that unnerved her most was his face. He had no eyes, no mouth. No facial structures at all. Just a blank, white face, always watching her. To her surprise, he never scared her though. She was happy when he was watching her, because she knew that he was protecting her, like a guardian angel. When he was watching, she knew that she was safe.

He continued to visit her as she grew up. She started seeing him more and more, sometimes in public, sometimes during school. At times she would wake up and he would be standing in her room, she watching over her while she slept. When she didn't see him, she began to miss him. He had become a part of her life. Wherever she was, he was there to protect her. Eventually, bad things began to happen to the people who had wronged her. Friends that had stabbed her in the back, or boyfriends that had hurt her. They would suffer a series of misfortunate accidents. Some of them were just minor inconveniences. Others were far more painful. Only she knew that they weren't just accidents. It was him, The Slenderman, getting vengeance for her. She knew that he would never let anyone hurt her and get away with it.

Soon she had graduated high school, and was living on her own. Her friends had come and gone, relationships had faded. She was alone now, except for her faceless guardian angel. He was always there now, always in the corner of her vision. She had grown to love him, as she knew that he loved her. He was starting to scare her though. He had began taking her in the middle of the night, teleporting her to a different location and time and bringing her back by morning. She was starting to lose touch with reality. What was real, and what was a dream? He told her to do things, and if she fought him, he would hurt her. Many times she woke up with bruises and cuts and didn't remember how she had gotten them. He was starting to terrify her.

She knew that he wanted to take her to his realm, his dimension, so she could live with him forever, but she wasn't ready for that. She wanted to live her life first. Running away from him seemed to be the only option left, but how do you run from something that can see everything, go everywhere, at anytime?

She knew that she would have to forget about him. Her thoughts of him gave him power, made him stronger, and through that, he always knew where she was. Her only option was to try and forget about something that had been there her whole life. She was tired of the nightmares, of losing weeks of time, of waking up beaten. The headaches when she disobeyed him had become unbearable.

After recuperating from her headache, she jumped up without thinking and packed as many clothes and belongings as she could. She ran to her car, cranked it on and drove away without looking back. She didn't know where she was going, or why she was going now. She just knew that she needed to leave. She drove for about two hours before she started driving into some thin woods. It was pitch black, the moon wasn't out tonight and the growing forest was increasingly blocking the little light that was coming down from the stars. The shadows casting off from the trees began to play with her eyes and her mind. She felt like she could see him standing behind every tree, observing every move she made. The road beneath her car had begun to deteriorate until it was nothing more than a small dirt road, leading to nowhere. She pulled up to a blockade of trees, and having nowhere else to go parked and looked around her. As far as she could see, there was only woods surrounding her. Despite knowing she was in a bad situation, in a horrible place, she was calm. She took a deep breath and opened her door, stepping out and gently shutting it behind her. Her breathe floated up to the stars every time she exhaled, and she watched it calmly before putting on a jacket and walking into the pitch black forest.

She didn't know where she was going, or why she was even there. Something was pulling her deeper and deeper into the brush. The only sound around her was the crunch of her footsteps on the dead leaves and twigs. She began to wonder what time it was, but then realized that she had not brought anything with her. Not her cell phone, or a watch, or even a flashlight. She sighed, watching her breath float up again as she continued to walk further into the darkness. After watching her feet march before her for what seemed like miles, she looked up to discover that she had walked onto the shore of a lake. A thick cover of trees surrounded the water, but regardless, the view was breathtaking. She could once again see all the stars in the sky above her, and a sense of overwhelming peace and tranquility washed over her. She looked down the shore about fifty feet away to see her Guardian, The Slenderman, standing there looking at her. She smirked to herself, as she suddenly acknowledged that she should have known that it was him that was leading her there. He was so much smarter than she understood. She knew now, that it was time. She couldn't run from him, or fight him anymore. This was her destiny, to follow him and live forever. She continued to smile to herself as she slowly walked to him. She heard him let out a soft cooing sigh, almost as if he was relieved that she was finally coming with him. He slowly opened his arms for her as she drew nearer, waiting for their perfect moment. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his thin waist as she felt his own long, slim arms encircle her.

She looked up to him to see him soft, white face looking back at her. Everything was finally perfect. They floated in the vast universe together, eternal beings with infinite powers; free to do whatever they please. This was the moment she had been waiting for her whole life. True, unstoppable happiness. They embraced each other and they swan through infinity, forever destined to be together.