Hi! I'm Madison, but everyone calls me Maddie. I cannot wait to see my friend Ashley. Even though she is a freakazoid from Mars. She wanted to be my friend when I moved to the school a year ago. She begged me, ON KNEES!

Blue Hills State High School looks so much different from before. I don't know how it changed. Then I noticed... Ashley was in front of me just jumping.


"Spit it out!" I yelled.

"The world... is going to be abducted by a little green alien with a lightsaber!"

"Ashley! That's Master Yoda from Star Wars."

"And Wookies!"

"That is Chewbacca and Star Wars isn't real!"


We went inside and went to our lockers.

I found a note.

It said go to room 911A at lunch.

Who the heck sent this note? That's what I want to find out!

I had to go to my first subject, Maths.

This day has been perfect (sarcasm)