The Closet

The man was just wandering around when he spotted it, the house. A sign hung on a post. "Do not enter." A woman was scurrying by, glancing at the man in quick spurts.

"Ma'am? Who lives here?" The man asked.

"Stay away. Stay away! Do not go near that house!" She said, spitting at him, "Bad luck, bad luck!"

She ran off, but the house called to him. The man walked up to the door. It creaked open. He tilted his head in and called out, "Hello? Is anyone here?"

Silence greeted him, so he took a step inside. He wandered around inside the house. It had plain, simple furnishings. There was nothing but neutral colors in the house until he got to the master bed room. He walked inside and noticed the red closet door.

The door was painted a dark red and its handle shown silver. The door swung in as the light flickered on. The closet was painted perfectly white. Half of the closet was empty. It had blank shelves and a pristine floor. In the other half, the various shades of grey clothing were color coded, from left to right. Everything was formal. There was not a single t-shirt or pair of shorts. Every tie was a plain grey. Except for one. There was a single bright red tie, hidden behind the rest. The shoes, all black, were matched perfectly and carefully aligned.

On the wall, there was a picture of a red carnation. It gave off a haunted feel; the flower looked like it was near death. The smell of lilies permeated the air. It was faint at first but grew stronger with every passing second. The only thing on the ground was a crumpled picture of a laughing child and a smiling woman. The man coughs, the smell is potent. In the corner, a transparent box full of random things. He felt a horrid, nagging foreboding, but ignored it. He opened the box. Inside was a child's toy with a note scrawled in a child's handwriting. It was a simple note, telling her love to her daddy.

The smell is horrid now. The man can no longer stand to be in there. He coughs, and stumbles out of the closet, gasping for breath. He should have listened to the woman! He collapses on the ground.

The man shakes his head and slowly gets up. He looks around and sees the threadbare skeleton of the house. All that remains is the closet.