To pay me back for doing so horribly on my test, my Dad had reset my alarm so that I would wake up late. I comfortably rolled over under my sheets and opened my eyes to bright sunlight filtering through my bedroom window. Then I noticed the time and screamed.

"Muuuuuum! Why didn't you wake me up, you ugly bitch?"

"Not now, Sweety. Mummy's looking up porno." I could have continued yelling at her, but as I was too late I quickly got dressed and ran out the door.

"This is ridiculous!" I yelled out loud as I ran. "I didn't even get to eat breakfast. Shit-!" I noticed someone in front of me too late and smacked right into him. He didn't budge and I fell backwards onto my ass.

"I don't know why you're complaining about breakfast. You would have just chucked it up anyway, fat ass." The sun had been obscuring my vision of him, but I knew that voice too well.

"Flip my life. What the flop are you doing here, paedophile?"

Jonas Jackson had been number three on my hit list. Now I'm sure he'd make it straight to number one. I realised that the order of the top three people I hated rearranged based on the amount of time I spent with each one of them.

"I'm wagging school today." Jonas goes to the same school as me, but as I'm in Year Ten he's in his final year at Dunham High. I call him a paedophile because he always goes for younger girls, and they always go for him.

He's dated just about every girl in my class.

"That's fine. When I'm made of money in the future I'll hire you to be my pool cleaner."

"You? Have money in the future? The way I heard it you need school right now more than I do.

"Way to go, scoring ten percent on the easiest test in your year. Stupid bitch."

"Child molester!"

"Later, dumbass." Then he walked away.

I was so angry I could feel myself shaking. Of course that huge whore Miss. Gibson would have told everyone about my marks and the other teachers would have spread it around. I stood up and brushed the dirt off the back of my skirt.

I suppose it was a good thing I was so fat, my fat ass seemed to have cushioned my landing quite well. While I watched Jonas turn the corner with his hands in his pockets I knew there was another reason I hated him so much. Apart from the fact he's a shallow douchebag.

The reason I loathed him was because Jonas Jackson was incredibly, unbelievable and ridiculously gorgeous! When I first saw him my jaw dropped open. I'd actually thought I was in love; he even walked over towards me when he saw me gawking.

I stared at his short and wavy black hair as he approached. His dark brown eyes narrowed slightly under his lashes. He towered over me with his height and his soft lips opened as he whispered seductively:

"That's an attractive look for you, standing there with your mouth wide-open. What, are you trying to throw up more food again? Don't you have any idea how bad your breath is? Close it, we can all smell your sick, sheesh."

That was when I decided I hated the flipping pervy paedophile! I suddenly remembered I was still late for school and started sprinting. Although I had to stop to catch my breath every few metres. It may have actually been faster if I'd walked.

Too bad I was panicked. I already had to deal with Miss. Gibson yelling at me for twenty minutes when I finally do make it halfway through her lesson. Then I'm sure she would overtake Jonas's place as top of my hit list.

Oh well, it didn't matter that the older teen looked hella fine, because Margery Miller is the hottest student at Dunham High! Fo sho!

Miss. Gibson almost popped a vein from screaming, but that was to be expected. I had almost decided to ditch her class again. I had crammed food I had managed to steal from the canteen down my throat.

In the girl's toilets I was just about to make myself gag into the sink when I heard loud breathing. In the reflection of the cracked mirror I could see Ralph in the corner of the room behind me. He was in the girl's toilets.

He had the biggest stalker smile on his face and he had started breathing out of his mouth when I had bent over to spew. That had been just about the scariest moment of my life, but I digress. After kicking him in the shin, leaving him temporarily incapacitated on the floor, I decided to go to whore-face's class anyway.

I suppose it was natural that Margery Miller would have a few stalkers. It's just something the hottest girl in the school would have to deal with. I had been telling Lucy all this after class was over and the two of us were eating.

She had been trying to make me feel better again, too bad I didn't know what she was saying. I had to remember what words she said that I did understand and string them together to guess what her sentences actually were. I had gotten quite good at it.

"Yeah, you're right Lucy. Shoes wouldn't taste very good at all with a salad."

"What? Marge, I was asking who you were planning to go with to the school dance, eh?"

"Walter, dah! Are you just going to end up going with that huge dweeb, Kevin?"

Lucy blushed and side-stepped the question.

"Walter isn't a student here. I think he might be twenty…"

"He'll succumb to my charms for sure! If not my name isn't Margery Miller!" I raised my fist heroically.

I turned to my best friend. "Plus I think you and Kevin will really hit it off, he was born in America too wasn't he?"

"I don't think so." Lucy answered uncertainly. "I've never been to the United States."

I ignored her, my thoughts were occupied on the cute blonde haired boy who worked at the arcade. Someday I'll drug that bitch good, and then he'll be mine!