Hidden from sight

The stories I've heard

The facts I've learned

I try to be ignorant and let what they say flow with the wind

Away from my ears

Gone are the years of pretence

I stumble and grasp onto 'nothing', that what you dare not say-

Pray do tell, for death will be unleashed if so be done

What do you take me for?

A child, a plaything that does not understand

Who needs to be lead by the hand?

You forget that I hear-

that what must not me spoken of

My eyes they see the wrong, my mind bursting with questions

Sadly my mouth not as strong

Gone are the years of pretence

I ask that you be fair and speak of that not spoken of

Pray do tell

Does my father even love me?

Sometimes it's better to come clean about matters than to withhold facts or opinions and cause unnecessary problems. I myself have grown up in a family where as I get older things become more clear and I realize what the word 'ignorance' means and how easily one can fall for it.