Inevitable obstacle, an oracle curses the future.

Its such a grim circumstance that no sweet dream

can escape from the abyss. A laboring pregnant

woman lets out a big scream. Where is serenity

in all of this bloody hotmess? Breaking dawn,

the miracle of life gives birth to incurable false

hope. Dead silent pulse, mortality breathe in

uncertainity for an eternity. The death of faith

leaves behind more grief instead of sweet relief.

Fragile is life is short just like a smile. Vulnerable,

grace underpressure embrace for deep impact.

Temporary smart genius, creative brain, stand

in the rain but don't give into emotional or physical

pain. Temporary heartbeat, human butterfly soul,

find solace in God's sanctuary. Adventurous wanderer,

heavenly creature living on the earth, cherish every accomplished

milestone. Fully alive and awake, king of wishful thinking, swim in a lake

of confetti. Never alone, strange beautiful corpse, please don't fear death.

Fragile is life is short just like a first and last breath of life.