Her world was crashing down around her. She sat in the corner of her bedroom, sobbing uncontrollably. The razor was dropped by her side, the flowing river of red streaming down her arm. She couldn't take the pressure from school, family, and everything else going on. Raged in anger, she stood up from her corner and marched outside. She got in her car, slamming the door behind her. The roar of the engine seemed to comfort her slightly as she took a deep breath and backed out of the driveway. Speeding down the road, tears welled up in her eyes. Vision blurred, she couldn't see the truck coming around the corner. Upon impact, she was ejected from the car, hitting a nearby tree. The last thing she hear was the crack of her own spine. Her body lay motionless, in a pool of her own blood. Blood just like that had been pouring out of her slit wrists. The car, flipped over on its side, front end smashed in. Glass littered the streets like a blanket of snow. Broken car parts lay scattered along the highway. Her car was totaled, along with her body.