Yume To Yuuki

By: Ahniya-sama

Chapter 3: Into The Death Chamber

"Okay… I've packed enough food" I said silently while I zip my bag close. Even though this is a dream, which I am not entirely sure, we get hungry, and sleepy… and tired – all these feelings and needs are still present. I stroll around the room and took my weapon on one of the wooden cabinets. In this world, we are given weapons. No. It's more like we woke up with them in our hands in this small medieval town. They are all in the form of scythes with different designs and all. Anise had a red one with its handle shaped like a bone and a human skull attached on its top most. Mine was plain black, a few inches taller than me.

Man, whoever created this world, I wish he had given us a much more convenient magical and supernatural abilities.

If that's so, I'd rather not wake up…

Just kidding.

Normal POV

"I see…" A boy with a face almost identical Yuuki whispered, while sitting on the tallest building. Unlike Yuuki who had jet black hair, he had pure white locks. They both got the same golden eyes, but this boy's orbs had some strange criss-crossing lines on it. Apart from that, he also had a weird pattern going down from the tip of his eyes.

"…still carefree… still stupid… you never change…" he added looking coldly from afar. He was wearing a long black coat with its collar mostly covering his mouth.

"I wonder how you'd fare with my world without my help…" he continued as he jumped down without hesitation.

"Anise! I'm done with the preparations! Let's head out!" Yuuki shouted from the door of his room, Anise was probably downstairs already, but he was surprised to see she was still in her room when she opened the door opposite his.

"Hnn?... You're still in there?" he asked while looking at her figure, still dressed in black clothing, but now she's wearing leggings. From the looks of it, she's probably having a hard time fixing herself.

Yuuki, on the other hand, was just wearing his usual get up, which consists of a white short-sleeved polo shirt and black pants.

"A-Anyway! L-let's go!" Anise blurted out, before hurriedly going downstairs. They were living in a small two-storey house at the town's center. They got passed some streets and onto a mini forest where they will meet up with the others. Odd enough, if they were in our world perhaps, because there's no one else around. The whole city was deserted, dull and lifeless.

"Hurry up!" Anise complained as she took a glance at Yuuki's sleepy expression.

"Why're you in such a hurry?" Yuuki asked in his calm, passive voice, "We're not even late…" suddenly Anise stopped dead on her tracks , turned around, then quickly threw a knife at Yuuki's direction. It got passed him and was sent to some empty space. Yuuki was taken aback, and he fell backwards while looking at Anise with an annoyed expression.

"What was that for?" his seemingly calm voice became somewhat alive.

"There's someone watching us…" she narrowed her eyes when she heard Yuuki chuckle.

"What? Like Kei-kun is stalking you?..." he teased which made Anise snap and hit him with her scythe.

"O-Ouch Anise! H-Hey wait!" he exclaimed as he ran after the red head who proceeded without him.

Observing from atop a tree, The white-haired boy spun the knife in his hand…

"I didn't expect her to sense me… so there's actually someone with competence among them…"Yume thought before he leaped to another tree.

The two met up with five more individuals. A short girl with light brown hair and grey eyes had this sober expression as she grabbed on Yuuki's arm. There was also a girl with moss green curly hair tied into pigtails, she was taller than the rest of them and had huge brown eyes. The other three were guys, one with normal spiky blue hair and small yet intimidating eyes, he wore a pair of glasses. Now the remaining two were strange ones as both got animal ears on top of their heads. A boy with deep brown hair with dog ears and green eyes was holding onto a bunch of bones. The last guy had blonde hair and cat ears along with light blue eyes, he was frowning while flipping on the pages of a newspaper.

"Kei-kun…" Anise was looking at the guy with the cat ears, her usual sharp eyes became soft and were sparkling, her annoyed expression was gone as well.

"What do you need?!" kei responded. His cat ears twitched a bit when he realized Anise had already placed both her arms around his neck. Embracing him tightly. He had tried his best to push her, but she won't budge.

"ahaha, Kei-kun should get used to that already, it's been a year after all…" Yuuki commented and he only received a death glare from Kei whose face was overshadowed by annoyance.

Yes, Anise had been clinging to him, every time they see each other, quite the unexpected by a tsundere-like character … or so they thought, coz' she's actually very honest and straightforward with her feelings, so that makes her the opposite.

"I want a hug too…" Akito, the one with dog ears enthusiastically said as he looked at Anise with sparkling eyes, but he got hit by her scythe in the face.

"That's enough, let's head out.." Elliot the blue-haired wearing glasses said, or more like commanded, as the others completely abandoned their jests and went back to a serious mood. Anise had made her scythe compact into a small pendant, and hung it around her neck. Their weapons can be made like that so everyone wasn't really carrying huge, heavy, metallic weapons. Yuuki kept his in a bracelet type accessory.

"Liza I've made some sandwiches, we can eat them later" Yuuki turned to the shorter girl who was clinging to his arm, she just looked at him with unreadable eyes before nodding without a word or a sound.

"Eh? Yuuki-kun you made one for me too right?" The last person to speak was the curly-haired girl, Sheryl, and Yuuki just smiled at her.

"Yes, I've made one for everyone"


The group went on towards the huge concrete wall that surrounds the only place with light. They stopped a bit before proceeding out of the gate. Looking at it from a normal perspective, it would seem as if they are only going out to travel, but in reality, it's the same as walking towards your death.

Outside the town, the whole place was dark and cold. It looks as if it were ruins of a huge city buried underneath a pile of bones, desert sand… and most of all, 'snow'. It was a dreadful sight that could pierce one's bravery full of holes, and pulverize every shard of hope you had left. The fact that formless monsters lurking around may come out and devour you alive wasn't helping at all. It worsens it, to be precise. Yet seeing as how long these bunch had been here, they were more or less used to it that their anxiety had lessened. They could only grip tightly on their compact weapons, in case something comes up. Hoping to get rid of their inkling doubts.

Their silence had contributed to the heavy pressure of the said place, they had kept on running with a pace that rivals any human prowess. Yet. No one dared to say a word. They were indulged in their own Idea of defending every single one of their peers. Inclined by the thing they all desired the most. The thirst to escape that no words can clench.

They had been traveling as far as they could, every single day since the time they first got here, yet every time they went to a considerable distance, Monsters would emerge and deal them grave damage, forcing them to turn back. Their determination fading away every single wound they get. Starting all over again.

But, their persistence pays off, as they had kept on mapping the place, checking each and every direction where monsters least pass by. They had successfully located five monster dens, but a lot had died.

Now they are down to seven.

A number small enough to sacrifice one more life.

No- their intentions were different .

They couldn't afford to let another friend die.


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