I'm sorry if I'm staring,

Sitting here alone.

Staring means I'm caring,

Or I'm writing a poem.

Ideas flutter through my mind,

Everything stops, space and time.

You gave me an idea.

With that glimmer in your eyes.

I try to act so normal,

But really, underneath,

I am a poet in disguise.

The love intrigues me, and it clicks.

The poem in my head begins to mix.

I feel so odd, but we all "Awwed" at the words you said.

So I'm sorry I stare, but I can't bare,

To not make this a poem.

I give out a silent prayer,

For no one to ever know.

I wanted to try a rhyming poem again, it's been a while. The meter is there, if you read it the right way. Does anyone have any tips on how to make it better? Thanks for reading!