Hello readers of fiction. I decided to make a new story, but based on how 'Travix Man' started. I was making a game, and I still am. However, since I want this series to be out in the world, I'm making this story to prove how the series started. This is based on the comic I am making. This will also be taking an adventurous turn in contrast to my usual humor stories.

Disclaimer: I own Travix Man and characters.

The world of Xtruviena was a peaceful place to be. Everyone who inhabited it lived in peace and harmony. The cities were crime-free. Well, most of the time, anyways. Humanity couldn't care for any evil in the world, knowing that the land of Xtruviena was a land of truth, as they would be protected from any kind of deep, hardened, criminal acts. Their moments of freedom, however, did not last forever.

The skies darkened the bright landscapes. Citizens of New Xtruviena City looked up into the dark clouds, wondering what had happened. Fear had struck their minds. Thousands of black and red beings rained down, bringing fear to anyone in their way. A dark ship descended from the clouds. It hovered over to the capital building. A hatch opened up, bringing out a boardwalk, with a carpet on it. A tall, sinister, and evil looking man stepped out of the ship, and walked up to the president, who was now scared in total fear.

"Allow me to introduce myself." The man said, his red eyes staring deep into the president's emerald irises. "I am Dark Trevo. I will be your new ruler. I have many terms that all of you must follow. That is, if you are willing to keep your lives without any problems."

"Three cheers for big brother!" A voice from inside the ship cheered loudly. Dark Trevo turned around, only to spot his siblings, Chuck, Lorieen, and Trevo Jr. The latter was looking at his older brother with a twisted grin on his face.

The dark dictator was taken by surprise. "What did I tell you two? Get back into the ship, and let me to the talking!" Lorieen took one more glance at her brother, then went back inside. Chuck grumbled, and followed. He didn't like that his younger brother was walking all over him with power. Then again, no one would like an evil power-hungry dictator like Dark Trevo ruin their lives.

Dark Trevo looked back at the trio, now satisfied they were gone. He turned to face the president and citizens again. "Now then, I am your king, and you will address me as such." Dark Trevo continued with his terms. Then after he did that, he told his minions, "Now my minions, search and lock up anyone who dares to oppose my new empire!"

"If complaining against you is a crime, then I guess I'm breaking your laws!"

Dark Trevo's pointy ears twitched. His sinister grin slowly changed into a menacing frown. "Who dares say anything against me and my empire?"

"I dare say anything against you and your stupid goons!" The voice returned. In front of Dark Trevo was a masked being in purple and green. The masked wonder wore a light green helmet marked with a dark green X on it. Blue eyes illuminated from the hero's face. He wore a purple shirt with a bright green X on it. His cape was bright green also. He also donned blue pants with green braces on the knees. His elbows also had the same green padding.

But what struck the dark king the most, was the hero's personallity. The masked hero was so cocky. The dark king scoffed. "And who are you?"

"Who am I? I'm Travix Man."

The dark king was furious. He did not need a hero to stop his plans from succeeding. "Open fire! ATTACK!"

His minions brought out machine guns. The proceeded to fire, unaware that a bullet could hit an innocent civilian. Travix Man avoided each shot swiftly, taking down each goon as he delivered harsh blows to their skulls. Dark Trevo only screamed in anger. "I cannot take this anymore! Destroy the city, now! We'll rebuild it into my glory later."

The Darklings turned their sights away from Travix Man, and shot their blasts towards the buildings. Holes began to form on the walls. The Darklings continued until each building crumbled down. Dark-bots rained down from Dark Trevo's flagship, giving each citizen uniforms of the terrorist group.

"You have a new ruler." A Dark-bot beeped. "Put on your new uniforms."

Out of fear, the citizens did as they were told. Travix Man couldn't help but watch the horror of his city being taken by such vile and sinister terrorists. He could only do one thing for now. Retreat.

When Travix Man left the scene, Dark Trevo gave an evil smile. He watched his army destroy the remains of the city. "It is only a matter of time before I control the world. Soon, a new era shall begin. Bwah hah hah hah hah!"

This chapter will be in two parts, due to this being the first of the many chapters to come. The next chapter will have Travix Man gain the help of his friends and family to fight back. Will Dark Trevo complete his plans of taking the world, or will Travix Man stop him?

Until then, I am making more fanfics.