Dark, but light

Full of anger, full of pain

Full of lust and full of fight

you fall around me like the rain

dark angel, guardian angel

you sit back and watch me shatter,

not reaching the reasons behind tis distant

dark angel oh how you flatter

Fallen angel, dark angel

Don't you know my name

I love

I hurt

I get kicked down in an emotional dirt

at the first sign of restraint

My blood stains your shirt like paint

it's like the designs written in your head

how to act

how to breathe

how to love

and how to think

do you ever think of why you've been thrown from above

Dark angel, fallen angel

The pain behind your anger

makes me a stranger

but your no stranger to me

I look in your eyes,

just to know what to believe.

the only one to find Darkness in the light

how do you know whats wrong from right

always looking for a fight

you let your anger mask the pain

to erase the stains on your brain

every man could learn from you

leaving me wondering what to do

so who do i choose

who do i choose

god will choose for you