there was a time when you held my hand

I couldn't breath

I could hardly stand

like a baby boy you begin to teeth

chooing on me like I'm your personal toy

You can't make up you'r mind

i'm standing right here

where are those words you can't find

what do I have to fear

I know you well enough

the day you kissed away my tears

that layer of your's so hard and tough

i'll catch, i'll catch, i'll catch the bluff

so hard to read

but still you see me

making it so hard to breath

still you read me

my heart is written on my sleave

I'm an open book for all to see

i care more than you know

I've never told you before

even when I try to make you go

you can still make me glow

almost like you already know

it's like a bad romance that plays over and over in my head

i wish you could know who to trust,

so that we don't end up dead

our heart crumbling to nothing but dust

you remind me of myself

you can't deside

what do you have to hide

always stuck inbetween

why do you so this to me

bad news, you were trouble from the start

can't you see your breaking my heart?

our romance taints of summer

you just love to watch me fall apart

our demise is in the fall

but still you hear my call

I guess you're right

about one thing or the other

I don't think we've ever really had a fight

oh and btw I met your step mother

you're lil sis is the bomb

and yeah we're both sol when it comes to family... especially our moms...