Go with it!

. . .

One: She lost the bet

Two: He fell out of bed

Three: He tripped on a log

Four: She got kissed by a frog

Five: She screamed in horror

Six: He got stabbed

Seven: He ate the rancid burrito

Eight: She scored a 12

Nine: She got hit by a car

Ten: He watched paint dry

Eleven: He lost his shoes

Twelve: She got eaten by grandma

Thirteen: They both got thrown in prison.

Sixty-six: I laughed at them

Oh, how I laughed at their misfortune. It was such a thrill, to ripe their lives apart. I could have continued with the game, but, sadly, I couldn't. This time that is.

How long did it last?

That game you played, how long?

How long did you let them fall into the end?

How far did they fall?

Was it all worth it?

How far did you fall?

Do care about how much you lose,

How much you've lost already?

Do you care, at all?

How far will it go before you finally give up?

But when you reach the end,

I'll be gone.

Like everyone else.

. . .

Like everyone here, I too have a secret. I will never share it, no matter how much people ask. It will not pass my lips. I shall keep my demons, like pets, locked away in the back of my mind. If they're ever unleashed, I pray no-one dies.

. . .

There is land, not to faraway. Where people's dreams come to life, and flowers bloom at night, this is the place where magic is made. This place is called Booms Ville. It doesn't actually exist, but its fun to think about.

. . .

In other news, a blue T-Rex has been seen stealing wallets from small children. Okay, that's only in my head or in my dreams if you want to get technical.

. . .

Speak in riddles; speak in rhymes, something Kisa can not do. I don't feel like writing…

. . .

Long ago in the City of Emerald there lived a boy. This pale, golden eyed and golden haired boy was only 16 when the world started becoming strange.

. . .


That's right I have no life. I wrote this in advisory when I got bored, which is all the time. What do you think of my half started ideas/beginnings to stories. If you like one of them and would like to make it an actual story, please let me know.