News caster 1: raises both arms in a hug type fashion, Welcome one and all! Puts arms down the glances a News caster 2.

News Caster 2: Smiling really big, To The Strawberry Corner! Giggles slightly.

News Caster 1: Glaring at news caster 2, Really that's what you're going with?

News Caster 2: Pouting at news caster 1 slouching forward, Yes, what's wrong with it?

News Caster 1: EVERYTHING! Think of something else! Slap news caster 2 on the back of the head while still glaring.

News Caster 2: looking like about to cry, Ok how about The Insanity Room?

News Caster 1: Glare softens, That's fine I guess. Pats news caster 2 on head stares back at camera, Anyway, My names Pat and I hope you enjoy the show. Smiles

News Caster 2: Giggles while looking at camera, My names Cindy, Have fun! Giggles then hugs news caster 1.

Scene fades out then ends.

Local News High Lights

Scene Fades in

Pat: Smiling, We are starting off with the local news high lights.

Cindy: rocking back and forth smiling, Yep and there are three different ones. Giggles

Pat: Rolling eyes and lifting his hand to face, Yes there are three high lights. Turning slightly to Cindy, Would you like to tell them the first one?

Cindy: clapping her hands, Yay! The first one is that a turtle saved a local, picture of turtle flashes in background then a person, man from drowning! a huge grin is plastered on Cindy's face.

Pat: sighing deeply, In other news related matters a Local- gets cut off by cameraman dropping the camera.

Scene ends in fuzz

The Latest in the robbing arts

Scene cuts back in…

Cindy: Crying hysterically, NOOOO POOKIE! Reaches out to Pat who is standing on a table.

Pat: arms are crossed and he lets out a long sigh, One don't call me pookie and two why are you screaming no? All I'm doing is seeing if that professor guy is here yet. Looks down at Cindy.

Cindy: wiping her tears as she looks up at him, Oh but why are you on the table…Wait aren't we supposed to be doing a segment right now? Both look at the camera then back at each other.

Pat: hops off the table, oops, sorry everyone looks like we will have to wait to get to know the latest in the Robbing arts the professor isn't here yet so, looks around the room, Umm on to the next!

Scene Ends with Cindy clapping her hands and Pat standing there awkwardly.

Latest on Financial Crisis

Scene fades in both are sitting at their desk.

Pat: Adjusting clearly fake glasses, The latest on the financial crisis is that, As a sovereign nation, the United States should be able to determine its own course of action on economic issues. Our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) limits this ability, and when other countries bring complaints against the U.S. in the WTO the United States usually comes out on the losing end. In fact, the United States loses 9 out of 10 cases that are brought against it in the WTO.

Cindy: looks at Pat terribly confused, What in the world did you just say?

Pat: sighs, it doesn't matter that you didn't get it. It only matters that smart people get it.

Cindy: Thinking face, Oh, right. Realization hits, Hey!

Scene cuts out with Pat laughing and Cindy glaring at him

Commercial on bubbles

Scene opens with a little thing of bubbles sitting on a table with no one around. Then someone walks in.

Random person: looks down, oh look bubbles. Picks them up, opens it and starts blowing bubbles.

Someone walks by, stops, BUBBLES! Jumps on the person blowing the bubbles.

Camera pans right and stops on a person holding up bubble

Person: with a perfectly serious face, Tate's Bubbles so awesome you'll do anything to get them.

Camera pans back and on the floor we see two people struggling to get the bubbles that have rolled away, their both yelling, there mine! Scene fades out.

Latest on global warming+ interruption

Scene fades in shows name flashes once then fades to find Cindy alone.

Cindy: twirling in chair then suddenly stops, Welcome back! We are going to be talking about Global warming! You know once Pat gets back. Looks around then starts spinning again.

Pat: Stops Cindy's chair, sits down in own, Anyway, global warming has caused the global temperature to rise which are causing more wintertime droughts in the Mediterranean region and- gets cut off by a person walking in with a pig stuffed animal.

Person: shoving it at the two news casters, Look at the Pig! Isn't is cute don't you just want to pet it!?

Pat: confused look on his face, your not supposed to be in here GET OUT!

Cindy: reaches for the pig ignoring Pat, Oh my God its so cute! I want to pet it!

Person: Letting Cindy take it, Would you like to hold it too Pat?

Pat: staring shocked at the person, HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!

Person: looking about to cry, You're a news caster and I watch your show.

Cindy: Stops petting the pig and glares at Pat, What is wrong with you? How could you yell at a fan like that?

Scene ends with Pat looking speechless

How dumb calleges are bad for your health

Scene opens Pat completely alone

Pat: Stares directly at camera perfectly serious, Hello, I'm going to explain why working with an idiot is bad for your health. Shifts paper, One of the more obvious problems is stress. The horrible stress of knowing they have no idea what the hell you're saying and the fact that they can't hold an intelligent conversation for more then 5 minutes! Breathes deeply and silently counts to ten, Anyway as I was saying… I mean come on why she would pick a job in the news industry even though she doesn't know half of the things we talk about! Breathing really hard and deeply.

Cindy: Walks in the room worried faces forms on her face, Are you ok Pat?

Pat: glares up at Cindy, Yeah…

Scene ends with Cindy giving Pat a hug.

Late night TV highlight

Scene opens with both smiling really cheesy.

Cindy & Pat: leaning on each othertrying hard not to lose their smiley faces, Hi! Would you like to know about late night TV highlights? Can't hold it anymore and both start laughing.

Pat: Giggling a little while wiping eyes, Sorry we couldn't take it anymore, Cindy nods head, But we don't do late night TV headlights because we can't, so enjoy a funny joke from one. Looks over at Cindy.

Cindy: Takes out piece of paper, One joke is from Conan O'Brien: Arnold Schwarzenegger said being Governor of California cost him at least 200 million dollars in lost movie roles. Moviegoers everywhere said, 'Totally worth it.' Put paper down and looked over at Pat who was staring of into space.

Pat: Cindy hits pat in arm snaps back to reality, Sorry I just don't find that funny…

Scene ends in awkward laughter.

Why pigs are so cute

Scene opens Cindy is alone sitting on top of table

Cindy: A huge grin is on her faces, Hi everyone! Sorry Pat's not here. Zones out and starts rocking back and forth looks back at camera, Oh! Sorry anyway, Pigs are so cute! And and the small ones are like the cutest of them all because their just so small and adorable that you just want to hug them to death! Bouncing slightly from excitement, I also think the really big ones are cute because their just so big and pudgy! Stops longenough to breath, Oh and when you dress them up in little outfits is just so cute and adorable that that, starts screaming in joy then jumps off the table and runs out of the room.

Pat: walks in the room really confused, Did I miss something? Looks around then shrugs.

Scene ends with Pat walking out and Cindy Running back in fallowing Pat out.

Latest on the presidential election

Scene opens we see Pat with a bunch of paper and Cindy hiding under the table.

Pat: looking really serious with a strong grip on the paper, Lets talk about the latest on the presidential election shall we. Hands clearly start shaking a little.

Cindy: still under desk looking scared, Do we have too? Silently pleading

Pat: faces slowly starts to turn mad, We have too, even though I so don't want to discuses it at all.

Cindy: nods even though Pat can't seem her

Pat: Taking deep breaths, ok any way there are at least 23 candidates that I know of most are from the Republican Party. With a sarcastic voice, Shocking isn't it. That's all I have to report. Cindy? Look down at the table waiting.

Cindy: completely zoned out, what? No I don't want anything.

Pat: Sighs, Aright then sorry we had no more information for you.

Scene ends calmly even though Cindy is still under the table.

Commercial on bunnies

Opens with toy bunny on a chair

Another toy bunny suddenly falls out of nowhere. Camera zooms out.

Kid: shows up, OMG those bunnies are so cute! Starts jumping up and down. Some one walks passed and stops.

Other kid: looks at first kid then down at the bunnies, Really, there not even real calm down.

Kid: glares, they are too real!

Other kid: sighs puts head in hands, I so don't want to explain this to you. I'm leaving. Walks out.

Kid: sticks tongue out as other kid leaves. Puts tongue back in mouth looks at the bunnies, Don't mind him and go back to your business. Smiles then skips off.

Last kid: walks in looks down at bunnies shrug's and picks them up, There you too are. If I'm not careful someone might take you because everyone loves bunnies. Leaves.

Ends with an empty chair

Should we

Scene opens with both sitting in thinking positions

Pat & Cindy: Speaking in unison, What should we do now? Both noticing camera.

Pat: sitting up really fast, Welcome back… we didn't actually have anything planed in advance… looking around nervous as hell.

Cindy: slowly starts to look frustrated, AHH! I don't know what to do! Head hits the table with a thud.

Pat: looks at Cindy looks back up, Well that's interesting she's actually stressed, suddenly sits up, We should have a debt!

Cindy: sits up then groans, But I hate debts I always lose! I think we should do karaoke. Smiles.

Pat: glares, No we are doing a debt not stupid Karaoke! Hits table with fist instantly regrets it, Ow.

Cindy: growls, I don't think so we're doing Karaoke not a dumb debt!

Camera Person: says from behind camera, Why don't you just do both?

Cindy & Pat: look of realization appears they look at each other shrug, Okay!

Scene ends with them have smiles on their faces.

Latest in Robbing trying again

Scene opens with Cindy by herself

Cindy: swaying side to side, Pat will be here in a little bit with Professor Elena. Lazily spins in chair once.

Pat: walks in with Elena and both sit, This is Professor Elena and she will be explaining what is new in the robbing arts. Nods to Elena.

Elena: nods back looks at the camera, Hello sorry I was late. Anyway The latest is to have more then one person, always wear a mask, and to never under any circumstances go rob a place with out knowing what you are going to do. All of this was said in a serious face.

Cindy: still swaying in chair looking rather bored, That was really lame.

Pat: nods, I totally agree. Looks a little disappointed.

Elena: smiling, of course it was lame I'm not going to tell all of my secrets. That would be criminal.

Pat: sighs, I really should stop listening to the camera man on ideas.

Cindy: nods in agreement.

Scene ends with a rather boring mood

Trying things from should we

Scene opens with the room in a mess both are present

Pat: looking around in amusement, So what happened to the room? Looks at Cindy

Cindy: shrug's, I don't know maybe a bomb exploded. Sitting down one table.

Pat: scoffs, Yeah right, lets debt about it then.

Cindy: looks sad, But I don't wanna!

Pat: irritated, But I do!

Cindy: acting like a child, No!

Pat: eye starts twitching, Yes we are!

Camera person: annoyed, Stop it! Move on!

Cindy & Pat: look at camera, ok…

Cindy: smiles, Karaoke!

Pat: glares, NO! NEVER AGAIN!

Scene ends with both auguring


Scene opens both aren't facing each other and the camera.

Cindy & Pat: sounding very bored, It's the end of the show…

Pat: turns to look at the camera, We hoped you have enjoyed the show. Whispers to self, I know I sure didn't.

Cindy: still not facing camera or Pat sounding sad, I can't believe its over. Why does it have to end?

Pat: kicks her chair, Because this show is horrible…

Someone from the back suddenly shouts, Hey! I worked very hard on this!

Pat: looking very bored, So why should we care!? Why should we ever care!? Head hits the desk.

Cindy: turning around looks at Pat, Pat are you ok? And stop freaking out so much. Pats Pat on shoulder.

Pat: grunts, Go die you crazy hyper person.

Cindy: shakes Pat while screaming, You have to live Pat you have to live!

Pat: slaps her hands away, What are you talking about?!

Camera turns to the side pointing at a random person.

Camera person: sounding stressed, Do you think you could stop them? The person shakes their head no really quikly then gets up and runs out of the room.

Camera turns back to the two. No longer facing each other and muttering to themselves.

Show ends with a sigh from the poor camera man.



Wrote this last year for a school project, and I thought someone besides me should look at it. Hope you enjoyed.