Dear Crystal, you're so angelic

The way you smile and take pity on others makes me melt

You're very beautiful, my beloved Crystal

Like every angel you are just as beautiful, perhaps even more so

My darling Crystal, you are particularly captivating

You always catch my eye whenever we pass

You are quite dainty, my cherished Crystal

You are a skilled ballerina after all

My cute little Crystal, you are really elegant

The way your arms and legs stretch out while you dance hypnotizes me as I watch

You're surely fantastic, my endearing Crystal

You light up my day whenever you smile

My treasured Crystal, you are undoubtedly gentle

I see you every morning looking after injured animals

You are certainly harmonious, my lovable Crystal

When I hear you sing, I know that my love for you is certain

My exquisite Crystal, you are unbelievably intelligent

You may not get everything right but you work so hard in your studies

You're awfully joyous, my delicate Crystal

I hear you laugh with your sisters and cheer your brothers up every day

My gorgeous Crystal, you're ever so kind

You're an easy target for bullies, you better be careful

You are amazingly loving, my dazzling Crystal

All I could ever ask from you is some of that devoted love

My stunning Crystal, you are truly magnificent

You stand out among other girls, that's when I first saw you

You're startlingly naïve, my petite Crystal

It makes me smile when I see your innocent confusion after someone tries to flirt with you

My splendid Crystal, truthfully, you are optimistic

Always looking on the bright side of things, it's the most attractive trait that you have

You are extremely precious to me, my fine Crystal

Every night I dream of your beautiful face and wish to have you as mine

My wonderful Crystal, you're surprisingly quiet

It's cute when you huddle in the corner, feeling rather timid

You are unconditionally radiant, my brilliant Crystal

Your beauty just doesn't know any bounds

My perfect Crystal, you are absolutely sweet

The way you stir in your sleep and hug your pillow is quite adorable

You are completely talented, my faultless Crystal

I can see all the girls watch you enviously as you practice your routines

My impeccable Crystal, you are utterly understanding

I am happy to know I am free to talk about my problems with you

You are outright virtuous, my immaculate Crystal

No-one is holier than thou, my angel

My unspoiled Crystal, you're undeniably warm

When you hug me, I never stop feeling the heartfelt buzz

You're definitely xenodochial, my unblemished Crystal

It means that you are kind to strangers, which you always are

My flawless Crystal, you are positively young

There is six years apart between us but I don't see it as an obstacle

And finally, my precious, precious Crystal, you're rather zealous

You're so resolute in your dancing and your studies, it makes me resolute to win your heart