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*Emma's POV*

I took my first step onto the thrilling, scorching beaches of Pleasant Breezes Resort. I kicked off my blue flip-flops and let the exhilarating sands dance between my pale toes. My guide was staring at me as if I was crazy, but he had no idea that I haven't been even remotely close to a beach for years. I must say, it's great to be back.

Eventually, I followed him to a helicopter and took in all the sights on the way there. He was taking me away from where the majority of the resort guests, the adults, were staying. I would be working with the kids on the other side of the island, but first, I would have to meet my boss and fellow coworkers.

I wasn't looking forward to meeting him again, really. I have known Mr. Alvarado for most of my life, but ever since a client of my father sued him for a ton of money, he's had some personal vendetta against my family. I was hoping these feelings weren't the same with his daughter Ava.

Ava and I had been best friends since we were in diapers. We told each other everything, but after the lawsuit, she became distant from me. Angry, even. She started keeping secrets and going behind my back, and this only got worse after high school ended two years ago. I'll be the first to admit I was no angel in our friendship, but I hoped things were different now. It's been a little over two years since I've seen her, but I missed my best friend more than words could possibly express. I was glad she mailed me asking me to work for her father for the summer while I was actually off from college.

The guide glared at me until I snapped out of my thoughts. He took my luggage and directed me inside the helicopter. Let me just say, 400 feet in the air is far different from my usual Mondays spent in my dorm studying. On one side of the craft, the sunset of the skies met with the horizon of the aquamarine waters. On the other, my sight was blocked by an incredibly breathtaking mountain range. This place was truly a wonder. The peaks were covered with snow, yet the temperatures of the beaches here averaged in the 90s.

After about 30 minutes, we landed near a large, luxurious cabin made out of stone and wood. Rocks decorated the sides of it (which somehow worked with this place), and there was even a small pond near the front of it. A beautiful staircase led up to the second floor, too. The place reminded me more of a mansion than a cabin but... hey, I wasn't complaining!

I grabbed my bags, thanked the guide (who was still looking at me as if I was crazy!), and walked up to the cabin. A nervous feeling was scratching inside of me, but I tried my best to ignore it. Whatever was in there couldn't be too bad, right?

WRONG! The awkwardness ensued when Mr. Alvarado answered the door for me. "Emma Akhart. It's been too long, hasn't it? How are you parents?" He tried to keep things professional, but it was more than obvious that he still held a grudge against me.

After about a minute of shallow conversation between us, I heard a familiar voice and squirmed out of my current predicament. "Raine?"

All the talking ceased once I spoke. I walked into the living room of the log cabin only to see a whole gathering of people I used to know. First, I saw Rayna Heitz. We were still great friends even though we hadn't seen each other much since high school ended; she still made an effort to keep in touch with me. She looked familiar with her heavily colored eyelids, pale skin, ruby lips, and, of course, her black hair with dyed pink tips. Since she was on the bigger side, she was bullied quite a bit, but she became her own independent person because of this. It didn't stop her brother from always being at her side.

Her brother Cody still had his exceedingly curly brown hair and huge glasses, but he had grown a bit taller. The only way you can really keep in contact with a guy like him is if you know a bunch of Star Trek or Star Wars quotes... Which I don't. Oh! If you know anything about computers or any video games, then you'll automatically be his best friend. I'm not even kidding. The kid is a genius when it comes to technology, not so much with people. There's a reason we call him Codes.

I was surprised, and a little worried, to see JP here. Joey Patricks still had his tantalizing smile and ripped abs that led tons of girls to drool over him in high school. I'm not going to lie, I was one of those girls for a while, but you can't blame me! When a hot jock with dreamy blue eyes and spiked up brown hair comes up to you and smiles, don't tell me your heartbeats stay steady! Nevertheless, eventually, I realized he was just a player, so my eyes traveled elsewhere... To a person who shouldn't have been here. A person with whom I spent my four years of high school... His brother.

His piercing blue orbs looked just as shocked as mine did. He glanced back at his surprised brother before looking back at me. I saw anger and pain in his eyes, and I couldn't help but turn away from him and towards the woman on his arm. Ava stood there with a sadistic smile on her face as if she enjoyed watching me hurt like this. I felt like a ghost in the skin of a person in that moment. I wanted to be anywhere but there.

"Hey, Savannah!" Raine piped up. "We should show everyone to their rooms, right? It's going to get dark soon anyways." This is why I love her. She knew how upset I was before even seeing the expression on my face. I felt her hand on my shoulder as she led me away from the people who couldn't stand to look at me.

Raine and I walked up the multitude of stairs to my temporary room. It had two beds, which weren't separated too much, for my roommate and me. The floors had a wooden texture, and a panoramic painting of something that was supposed to look fancy covered the beige walls. There was a flat screen TV in front of the two beds, and there was a bookshelf above it. An average sized bathroom was across two giant closets, and there was a line of lights on the ceiling leading to each of them.

"So who am I stuck with? Food muncher over here or the nerd?" I turned around to see JP walking in with his bags. He shoved me before dropping his things on the bed I claimed.

Raine's eyes tightened into disdain before she spoke, "Stop trying to compensate for that tiny worm in your pants, JP."

He charged right up to her and stared her down. They were vicious next to each other... They were two dogs ready to fight it out for dominance. "I think you're just upset that the one in your skirt scared your little boyfriend away." Her guard broke immediately. Anything related to her ex was still a fresh wound for her, and he just poured some salt in it.

"Back off, JP. I guess expecting you to grow up a bit was expecting the impossible." His head turned towards me, and I could see a fake, flirtatious grin spreading across his face.

Raine pressed her lips into a thin line when she saw me staring daggers at the intruder. "Try to play nice, you two. See you in the morning."

I moved to my bed and decided to unpack tomorrow before we got a tour of our section of the resort. I covered myself in the fluffy, white blanket and went to sleep. I didn't want to spend any time at all talking to this jerk in my room.

Everything was fine until I heard the TV blasting. My right eye cracked open to see it was two in the morning. I pushed the blankets off my slim body and threw a pillow at him. "JP, what the hell is your problem!"

"You know how I love my football, babe," he said as he threw the pillow back at me. He's way too energized and playful considering the time.

"So you shove me, start an argument in our room, and then call me babe. Do you even understand yourself at this point?"

"Just because I'm pissed off at you doesn't mean we can't have a bit of... fun, Ems," he winked as the words hung in the air. Yep, he was never going to change his enticing ways.

"It's Emma, and what did I ever do to you?"

He sighed in annoyance as he lowered the volume and turned to face the TV instead of me. "You make everything serious, geez. Forget I said anything." Before I had the chance to reply, he said, "'Night, Ems."

What a summer this was going to be, huh? I should've known better than to expect anything good to come from this trip... As I hid under my covers, I made a silent wish for better things to come, but what the universe gave me was much more than I was ready to handle...

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