In a brightly sunlit room stood an easel, a painting palette, and a single, lone chair. The room gave off a feeling of a moment suspended in time. The door creaked open and a woman, short in stature, walked in. She gently sat down in the chair and her long, nimble fingers ghosted over the palette. She lifted the paintbrush, dipped it in paint, and drew the first stroke on the easel.

Pale Yellow and Hazel Green drifted across the blank canvas in bold strokes.

"It's beautiful, isn't it? The sunset.", a low baritone asked softly.

Fingers entwined, two people sat on the beach, facing the sunset.

"...yes. It is."

Royal Blue and Lavender Purple quickly joined the swirling mass of yellow, green, and white.

A boy and a girl sat on a park bench, enjoying the quiet peace in the air.

"It was supposed to snow today...". A wistful voice broke the silence.

Pale, slender digits reached out, reaching for nothing. It hovered in the air until finally, a single snowflake drifted down to rest on the waiting hand.

"Look. It did snow, Jake."

Crimson Red and Fiery Orange splashed across the sheet, adding a violent shade.

"Why don't you ever look me in the eye?! When have you EVER looked at me?! It's like you don't want to see me, ever. At all. Even now, you won't look at me!"

A man raked his hand across his raven locks in frustration, gave the woman in front of him a long, inscrutable look and stormed out the door.

The woman finally lifted her blank gaze off the floor.

"...If only..." A shaking hand reached out to find nothing but empty air. They dropped and hung limp at her side.

Ebony Black streaked across the now marred painting, adding an ugly, black scar.

"Let's break up."

Deadly silence reigned over the couple.


"I've met someone recently...aren't you going to ask why?"

"No...I respect your wishes."

"...alright. Goodbye, Lexie."

"Goodbye, Jake."

A piercing screech filled the air as the once occupied chair toppled over. The palette and paint lay scattered on the floor. The woman ran out of the room, sorrow and frustration written all over her face.

In the middle of a crowded street, a hand reached out to rest on a shoulder.

"Hm? May I help you?"

" never told me you were blind." She looked surprised for a moment before speaking softly.

"Jake...", she whispered his name so softly he would've missed it if he hadn't been listening. "I lost my sight a few days after we broke up. I found out a few months before that my eyesight was slowly failing me." With a smile that threatened to shatter into a million pieces at any time, Lexie bid Jake goodbye and walked away.

Abandoned, on the ground, face up, was a canvas filled with words, written over and over again in swirls of color.

'I loved you.'