So this is probably going to be awful, and is basically just a lot of rambling, but I finally decided to post a story on here at least!

Also, most of the first chapter is just Cerie's thoughts and I think she's a very eloquent person, so you have been warned!

This was the beginning. A new year, a new home and with those came new friends. Every story has to have a beginning, just as every one has to have an end. And this, well this was the true beginning of mine.

In the literal sense, my story had begun 18 years ago, but I had a strange feeling that this was the new beginning. All that had gone before was just the prologue: this, where I was standing right now, hand grasping the strap of my bag tightly, was the real deal.

I came back to reality with a sharp elbow in the ribs from Jamie. I glared at him, and he just winked back at me. Never had there been such a vile human being as my brother.

"Now, Jamie and Cerie, this is your homeroom. I'll leave you here and take Thomas to his own homeroom in a minute. Go up to Mr Mitchell and just tell him who you are and he'll sort out the rest."

The principal smiled at us, bearing a full set of bright white teeth. She'd spent the last ten minutes giving us a guided tour of the building and now as she clacked off in a pair of ill-fitting stilettos alongside a very disgruntled looking Tom, I was glad to be rid of her.

"You excited, sis?" Jamie smirked at me, but I thought nothing of it. A smirk was his default facial expression and it was rare for him to truly smile at all. Either way, he was still my twin and I was therefore genetically programmed to care about him, however much of an idiot he was.

I said nothing, and instead pushed open the door where I was greeted with 30 students who instantly stopped talking and turned around to look at the both of us. I scanned the room quickly and saw the same type of people Jamie and I saw in every homerrom we'd ever been in these past 4 years: the pretty blonde girl dressed in a cheerleaders uniform sat next to her slightly less pretty friend, the quiet dark haired girl sat right at the front of the room reading a book about horror films and the idiotic jock boy sat at the back, quitting his conversation about his latest conquests to stare at my breasts and then mouth 'I'd tap that' to his equally idiotic friends.

We walked down the aisle in the middle of the desks, and as we did so, people turned back to the friends and began talking again. When we reached Mr Mitchell's desk, Jamie spoke before I did, leaving me to turn around and catch snippets of the conversations going on behind me.

"Seriously? He just ditched you there?! No. You can't put up with things like this Lucie..."

"Oh my god, the new guy is super hot. He totally smiled at you when he walked past..."

"I don't care what you say, Martin Scorsese is the greatest living film director..."

"You didn't even sleep with her?! Dude, she's like, super easy..."

I turned back to face my new homeroom teacher just as he gestured for us to go and sit down. There were two seats available. Naturally, Jamie went for the one by the jocks in the corner. He'd fit i with them. He was definitely hot, and I could say that objectively seeing as he was my twin. Jamie was taller than me, a little over six foot with the body to match. He'd played football back in Delaware, and I guessed that it would be no different here. We shared the golden blonde hair and green eyes, but we differed greatly in personality: he was cocky, smart, completely aware of his own goodlooks. He was overly protective too and while he seemed fairly nonchalant about mine and Tom's welfare, if we were in any form of danger he would have willingly put himself at risk to get us out of it.

Jamie sat down with the jocks, and subsequently, I was left with the other seat on the other side of the classroom. It was behind a tall girl, with light brown hair. She wore large glasses that woul've looked stupid on anybody else, but they suited her and while she may not have been pretty, she was definitely striking. The girl was sat next to a boy who was just as tall as her, with a mane of floppy black hair. Her boyfriend, I assumed, or maybe her brother. He was cute, but not hot, although he had a nice smile.

I walked over to the two of them, and though they didn't finish their conversation they both looked at me.

"Can I sit here?" I pointed to the empty chair.

The girl turned around and smiled widely. "Sure!"

I sat down, and the boy turned around to face me too.

"I'm Daisy and this is Sam. You must be the new girl."

I nodded. "Cerie. It's nice to meet you both."

Sam looked puzzled for a second, and then spoke.

"Cerie...odd name."

"It's greek."

Daisy hit Sam jokingly on the arm. "You don't need to explain yourself love, he's just an idiot." She pointed at Jamie, who was laughing with the jocks, no doubt over some stupid story they'd told him. "That's your brother, right? He's hot."

"Mm, Jamie. You probably won't think he's hot when you realise how much of a dick he can be."

"If you don't want him, I'll have him."

I made no effort to hide the confusion from my face. "I thought you and Sam were..." I trailed off, and simply waved my hand between the two of them.

Sam laughed loudly, while Daisy simply blushed. "We tried that.", he smiled at me. "It didn't work out because always deleted Top Gear off her DVR when I specifically told her to record it for me."

I laughed when he said that, and it marked the first time I'd laughed since we'd come to North Carolina. The sound of the bell going off hid it however, and I continued to laugh as everyone began to stand up from their seats.

"What have you got first?", Sam asked.

I pulled my timetable out of my bag and checked.

"Chemistry with Miss Horton." I watched as Sam and Daisy collectively winced.

"Good luck. I had her in freshman year and she still scares me." Daisy shuddered slightly as she spoke.

"I have her too, it'll be alright." Daisy elbowed him and raised her eyebrows suggestively.

"Going to look after Cerie are we Sam?"

He glared at her and I bit my lip in an attempt not to laugh.

"No. I just can't believe that they'd give a new student who's joined half way through the second semester of her senior year Miss Horton as her first period on her first day."

"I see your point there. What have you got second?" They both went to grab my timetable from me, but Daisy got there first.

"Ooh, Business Studies with Mr Farrell." She gave Sam a knowing look and he laughed loudly.

"What's so funny?" If there was one thing I hated, it was not knowing what peple were laughing at.

"Nothing." Sam smirked. He had definitely been laughing at something. "It's just that you'll learn a few things with Farrell, and I doubt any of them will be to do with Business."

Daisy snorted, while I just followed them awkwardly, looking confused. We'd left the homeroom now, and were on our way to our respective first lessons. Sam had Chemistry with me, while Daisy had French.

"What do you mean?" They were implying something, I knew that. I could only guess that it was that Mr Farrell had a bit of a reputation.

"It's just that the beloved Mr Farrell has a bit of a thing when it comes to pretty girls with blonde hair." She gestured at the blonde girl in the cheerleading uniform from homeroom as she walked past. "Take Avery for example. Her number one activity after cheerleading? Flirting with your Business Studies teacher. You understand?"

I nodded, smiling. Daisy left us then, and me and Sam continued onto Chemistry. He pointed out various things and people on the way, and I took it all in. Finally, this was a school I could actually see myself wanting to be a part of.

However, an hour later, one thing I certainly didn't want to be a part of was Miss Horton's Chemistry class. Talk about a bitch.

I rushed out of the class as soon as the bell went, a mixture of desperation to get out of there and intrigue to see the mysterious Mr Farrell. Sam told me where to go, and after following his directions, arrived at the Business Studies room within few minutes. I pushed the door open, and the man himself was already talking to the pretty blonde cheerleader Avery. I stood behind him patiently and listened into their conversation.

"So, are you coming to the game later sir?"

"Of course."

"Because you want to see the team, or you just want to see me and the girls in full flow?"

"Now that would be telling."

I struggled not to laugh when he said that. God, this was just ridiculous. The smile didn't stay on my face for long after he turned around though. In fact, now instead of struggling not to laugh I was struggling to not let my mouth drop open in shock.

Mr Farrell was, to put it lightly, gorgeous. I breathed in sharply, and took in all of his features in one go. He was tall, taller than Jamie, and even more muscular. He wore a fitted black jumper over his shirt, but you could still see a hint of the well defined muscles of his chest underneath it. His short, sandy blonde hair was pushed away from his face and his bright blue eyes stared into her own brown ones. The hint of stubble on his face just made him even more attractive.

Oh god. I was so screwed.