A quick retelling of Swan Lake. Also practice in writing entirely in present tense.

He hears a crescendo. Loud and invading, it builds the further he walks. Reverberating from side to side, it shakes through to his very soul. He can feel the pressure growing. Soon, he's sure, it'll crush him.

The dark corridor he walks through blurs in his vision, he can feel every note of the music vibrating through his very bones as it swells towards the end. He approaches the door as the eerie sound reaches its peak. The door swings opens and the music crashes around him. He is assaulted by hurricane winds that threaten to tear him apart. He squints and resists the erg to cover his ears as his vision focuses on her.

Her scarlet dress rippling around her in the wind, she looks as if she was a creature of the flames. She is as beautiful as she is deadly. A vision so captivating she could spawn many great works of art. But get too close, and surely she would burn down any mere mortal.

Their eyes meet and all at once the music recedes into silence and the wind dies down to a gentle gust. He takes a cautious step forward, feet crunching on the broken glass that is scattered throughout the floor. Her eyes flash the same fiery red that she is dressed in and all of a sudden the floor is spinning, it makes it look as if the world around them is distorted.

The wind picks up as they spin. He fights vertigo as he continues to walk towards her. She hasn't moved and inch, but he has a feeling this is all her doing. It is always her doing. The closer he gets, the less human she looks, her eyes are searing coals, her dress woven out of pure burning fire. Her dark hair falls out of its carefully crafted bun, whipping around as if it has a mind of its own.

He should be afraid. After all, he is standing in his own grave. But still he walks to her, eyes never leaving hers.

He stops two feet in front of her. The flames hot against his body, smoldering his clothes. He pulls a small amulet and chain from his shirt.

"Did you come to save me?" She asks, her voice is nothing like he remembered, now it is laced with power.

"Always." He answers her, dangling the precious memento above her outreached hands. This is his only chance to fix things, to win, to stop their world from spinning.

It lands in her grasp and yet again the room becomes silent and still. Her dress becomes simply a dress. But her smile is more evil than he wants to believe. A dark chill runs through him. Despite just having been next to her burning form he starts to shiver.

"Oh, Victor." She sighs, turning the amulet around in her hands. "You are a fool." He looks into her eyes, no longer burning coals, and immediately knows his mistake. But it is too late. A thump behind him causes him to turn around.

There she is, lying on the floor surrounded by hundreds of white feathers. A sad lifeless shadow of what she used to be. Dressed in a riveting blue, it was supposed to look as if waves were crashing all around her. But instead the color grew dull.

"Odette!" Victor shouts as he runs to the side of his beloved. He holds her cold hand, her face identical to the imposter behind him. Odette's eyes are still open in an expression of silent shock, tears drying on her face. He was wrong, it is not his grave he is standing in. It is hers, he has killed her.

Odile stands behind him. "A boys mistake is one that you will pay for as a man." She walks towards the door, placing the chain that was never meant to be hers around her neck. "Come," she doesn't even look his way. "You are mine now."