So I decided, even though I just started today, to upload two chapters today. To let ya`ll see what this story may be like. Usually when I see a new character it`s most likely going to be a very quick scene. My goal is to have a really good story. This is going to be a very long story,longer than it has ever been in my life. Each chapter should be about a good 1,000-2,000 words or more who knows. Alright I own this idea and charcters so do not steal at all. Mine! Enjoy!

I stared at the boy with fear in my eyes, getting that much closer to run away. Though his face seemed very familiar, and he gave me a smile I have seen before once or twice in my life. Still I was still a little uneasy about this guy standing in front of me, "Tanisha is that you?" he said once again. I slightly cocked my head as I stared at him, he quickly started to panic as he spoke once again.

"It`s me Joshua."

"Joshua? Joshua Garcia?"

"Yeah! It`s me, long time no see."

"Yeah how has life been for you?"

"Good, really good."

"That`s really good."

I simply stared at the counter waiting for my coffee to finish, but we kept talking about our lives. I then looked at my watch realizing that I have a lot time to spare, which was really a pain in the ass. The more we talked the more awkward I felt, then he asked one question that threw me completely off. "So… Are you dating? Seeing that you don`t a ring on your finger." My eyes became completely wide. I looked at him just wanting to punch him the face, but slowly calmed that little evil soul. I knew where this was going. I didn`t like it either, not one bit. "Nope. I`m single." I honestly said. A huge smile grew on his face, and I just smirked. Finally my drink came out, and I snatched it in my hand quickly. "Hey Joshua I got to go, I have work. So I`ll see you later." He happily nodded and right when I turned around I felt something slip into my back pocket. I ignored it as I kept on walking while sipping the hot drink, once I was in my red car I stopped and sighed deeply.

I felt guilty, very guilty. I didn`t understand why I was so stupid to even go and rush out of there like that. Joshua is a very sweet person, who has low self of steam. Though always has a kind heart, and I wanted to rush out there like I was crazy. Or maybe I just couldn`t stand him at all. No…it was too early for me to go and deal with flirts. I slammed my head against the head cushion , and finally backed out to the parking lot to head to work. As I drove to work I was once again mumbling a little song to myself, but I drifted off to the moment at Starbucks. I shook my head, and my face fell to a deep frown. Keep it together Tanisha! You had to do this! I thought to myself. Finally I made it to work and made my way to the computer screen, and started to work.

8:30 – 7:00, is very busy for a video game designer. I was very tired and I honestly didn`t want to drive home, but I didn`t really have a choice at all. I reluctantly hopped in my car and drove all the way home, and I was very excited when I made it as well. I ran into the house dropping all my things on the floor, and made my way to the kitchen. I grabbed an apple to snack on slowly, as I turned on the T.V. and happily watched the news. (I know the news, scary) I sat on the couch watching it and noticed that my eyes were starting to get very heavy, so I got up and took a shower. Then I passed out snoring.

The next morning

I was on my way to go pick up my cousin, while jamming to my music. A huge smile was on my face, and I tapped my hand on the wheel. Singing along with the delightful song, and having a extraordinary mood would be good. Last night I had the best dream I had since I was alone.


I stood there in front of a fortune teller, who had a crystal ball in front of her. It was very dull and you couldn`t see your own reflection, and the woman didn`t have a face. Her hands were all old and wrinkly, she only had one tooth sticking out, and her hair was pulled back by a headband. I just sat there with a blank facial expression, I only looked down to the ball waiting for her to speak. She slowly started to giggle, and I only looked up at her. "So…you want to know about your future eh," her old voice croaked, "well today is your lucky day." She rotated her hands around the sphere and smoke started to form inside of the ball, and there stood me in the middle.

"Ahh… you will live a very precious future. You will soon meet a very handsome man that will give you the things you need…and want. He will share commons with you, and you two will be happy." A smile grew on my little face, "Though watch out, many will come and destroy your perfect relationship." I started to frown and soon the dream ended.

End of Dream

I didn`t really understand the last part completely, but it didn`t bother me very much. Not long I finally reached my cousin house, I honked the horn to alert her that I was in front of the house. She didn`t waste time either, she hopped in the car, and told me to step on it. I gave her a really confused look wondering what have happened, so I reached over and touched her hand. She looked at me and just blurted out something, "Tanisha, I might be pregnant." My eyes widen as I kept looking at her quickly. I didn`t want to believe it all, and I didn`t want to be rude so I asked calmly.


"Yes really."

"Oh wow I was not expecting that. So this doctor-"

"Yeah, to see if this baby is real."

"Does Michael know about this?"

"No I want to surprise him."

"Oh, okay."

There was a complete silence in the car ride, and it was like this all the way to the hospital. When we entered a cool breeze pushed right past us, causing us to shivering rapidly. Dasha went to check in and told me to wait there as she got checked, I nodded as I sat down on the chair. She walked away and I was alone by myself, and then suddenly my phone went off stating a message.

+786-098-09878 (hopefully not real)

Hey, it`s me Joshua. One of my friends gave me your number.

I rolled my eyes as I just went and texted him, only because I was very bored. I was not paying attention to my foot which was sticking out, it would have been fine if I hadn`t tripped a doctor. I gasped as I put my phone down and went to help the doctor up, "Oh goodness sir, I am so sorry. I was not paying attention, are you hurt?" The man stood up and looked at me with very daring eyes. "Yeah, I`m fine thank you." His deep smooth voice said. I looked up and was lost in his deep brown eyes, with his long dark eye lashes. "Are you okay? Did I hurt your foot?" He asked. I quickly shook my head, and thanked him. "Thank you for asking Mr. uh." I looked at his name tag, "Richard."

I snapped my eyes back to the name tag and thought about the last name for a moment, but quickly shook my head. He gave me a very nice sweet smile, that drowned me in its glow. He then walked away and I just stared, but then snapped back into reality when my cousin came back. "It`s positive! I`m to have my first baby!" I happily clapped my hands, and squealed a little quiet. I hugged her deeply enjoying the precious moment, and glimpsing at the pictures of the new baby. Not long we made our way to drop her off back to her house, and me driving all the way home. To have my phone randomly vibrate. When I reached into my drive way I checked my phone to be texted a very old number.



My face grew into shock as I realized that my best friend of many years had finally texted me back. This may be a good year.

To be continued…

Okay that makes two long chapters that hopefully caught your attention. Like I said I make horrible cliffhangers, and I mean it. Though I hope that it grabs your attention and makes you want to read more. Tell me what you think. What may happen? Who is the mysterious doctor? What do you think Joshua is up to? Tell me what you think in the comments. Again don`t point out the obvious. R/R Alright see ya later!