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A huge smile filled my entire face, and my mood was at its max. Years had passed since I had last talked to Sean, I was very eager to go and ask him many different questions. For some reason, though, I was very nervous to say anything to him. My huge fear was to deal with the fact that he may never want to talk to me ever again, or even worse hate me. I was hoping that he hasn`t changed much either, but you can`t get everything you want in life just only hope for the best. Then I thought and I knew exactly what to say, but my fingers just stayed there trembling in fear. Which I didn`t understand why it no I was acting like this, maybe because of that memory he told me.


We all hopped into the car as we sang our song that randomly popped out in our head. The three of us happily rocked in the car, and when it got to a certain solo we all screamed to the top of our lungs. I busted out laughing and Sal chuckled, but when my eyes gazed to a Korean who was glimpsing at the window. His eyes spoke a voice of sadness that nobody but me would ever notice, and it scared me. His hand was slightly shaking on his lap, and he hadn`t blinked for the past minute. "Sean?" He jumped and looked at me while rubbing his poor little brown eyes. "Huh? Oh what`s up?" He forced out a fake smile at me, but I didn`t buy it.

"What`s wrong?"

"Nothing why do you ask?"

"You are a horrible liar, what`s wrong?"

"Is something up Sean?" Sal asked worried.

Salvatore(Sal) stopped the car and unbuckled his seat belt, and stared at the boy. He looked at both of us with sad depressed eyes that seemed so innocent, that I wanted to take it back. He took a glimpse of his phone and back to us, his eyes darted from place to place in the car. It was like he couldn`t even form the words in his mouth, as if there was a piece of duct tape holding back words. Soon he looked at us and took a deep breath, as he closed his eyes he started very slowly. "I`m going to Rice University, you guys know that. I`m going to be working in the medical field, so my learning will be taking a very long time. Many years, many more years than you guys." We both stared at each other, "So my fear is that you guys would forget about me, or even worse each other. Then I want you guys to live your life to the fullest. Now you can`t text me at all, if you do I will crush ya`ll. My education is very important, and I don`t want anything to ruin it. Promise me that?" We all nodded happily and pinky promised.

I stared at the message for about 5 minutes until finally I answered my phone.


Hey, what`s up?

I smacked my head, How can you be so freaking dumb, that`s all you had to say. My mind screamed at me. I stood up from the soft couch stretching my limbs slowly, and not long the conversation between me and the Asian sprung into action. Soon enough I went to go cook lunch, as I was chopping the juicy red tomatoes my phone went off. Playing a song for either a random number or a number I had yet to assign a song to. I quickly grabbed it and answered the device.

"Hello?" My soft voice answered.


"Joshua! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Didn`t you save the number, and if you did you have caller ID."

"I didn`t have time to check." I lied.

"Ok, whatever. Hey are you busy on Saturday?"

"No…Why do you ask?"

"Well…I..uhh…wanted to know if…uh…you would want to hang out with me that day?"

"Joshua, are you asking me on a date?"

"What? Of course not, just a day to hang out with my best friend since the 4th grade."

"Oh, alright. What time?" I said as I popped a tomato in my mouth.

"How about 2 o`clock?"

"Alright, see you then. Bye."


I hung up my phone and continued to cook my meal, when I finally put the food in the oven I deeply sighed as I combed my hair with my fingers. Today was a very tiring day, even though I only did a few things. There were too many surprises, and I could not stand it. Too much means too much suspense, which means headache will come along. I really wished that I said no to the offer now, but that would crush him. Though I never understood why on Earth I was his friend, yeah I have been friends with him for a long time. Yeah I was one of few people who talked to him, but nothing seemed to click. People would usually call him annoying or maybe a even a cry baby due to his sensitivity. He never learned how to tie his owns shoes until the 4th grade, he would always annoy you but repeating your name forever until you answered. People would talk smack about the way he would correct them, or how he would get angry easily. Then he would warn me about a person saying that I shouldn`t hang out with them, even though I was best friends with that person. Then again maybe that`s why I`m friends with him, he is very kind and respectful. I guess maybe because of my childhood of being bullied that matched it together with his bullied life style.

I wouldn`t mind smiling for him every time I would see him, or how he would complain to me about something as stupid as you know what. I never mind to anything now that I think about, and not just to Joshua to everyone. I would let them do what they want, and I would stick in the shadows and say nothing. Another flaw I thought to myself. I guess my clumsy self forgot to listen for the oven, because my house started to smell like something was burning. I shot my head and quickly grabbed my oven mitts. "Shit! Shit! Oww! Oww!" I screamed as I slammed the pan of the counter. I stared at the burnt meal and finally said to myself, "I need to keep my head in the game."

To be continued….

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