Harold in January
Kiss me at midnight lover-
kiss me in the mint frost

kiss me with hot spice on your
lips while my bloody foot soaks

in the sink, reach out for me, pull
me from behind and hold the kiss

deep inside your teeth, keep me at
tongue's length, peel me back

from the scratchiness of your throat,
hold me like cigarette smoke in your

lungs, I will fill your blood lover,
fill it like truth,

empty it like lies, although you cannot
lie about midnight, lover,

you cannot lie about those first fiery
seconds on the new year, how

my kiss will always be the first kiss
of this year that you will only ever

live once. It will always be mine, lover,
I will live in your mind for this

simple fact, if nothing else, lover,
and it will always be my voice in

your head, saying, I want to see your
face, I want to see your face

and it will be my body asleep
next to yours on the other side of

midnight my lover, always.