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Even before I was all the way awake, I felt nervous. I was too nervous to feel tired after sleeping in all summer. My hands had a bit of a quiver in them as I struggled to comb through the mass of tangles that never seemed to take a break in my curly blonde hair. "Need help?" Rachel said, as she walked by my open door. She was grinning, her own hair neatly straightened.

"Why does your hair always look perfect?" I said jokingly as I slammed down the brush in mock disgust.

"Because I've actually gotten a haircut and I damage it to no end." My older sister said, feigning seriousness. "I can straighten it for you if you have time. My iron's probably still hot." I glanced down at my hair. It was a naturally curled mess. "What the heck, go ahead." I said after a moment. "Kill it."

"You could always just get a haircut." Rachel said playfully as she lead me down the hall to her equally small room-right next to the bathroom, with perfect acoustics of Liv banging on the bathroom door and yelling at Miriam to get out. As usual, they had both woken up late. Wanting to have plenty of time to get ready in case of a crisis or some natural disaster, I had set my alarm half an hour ahead of schedule.

"But then it wouldn't be as long!" I said, pretending to pout.

"But you'd have a whole lot less split ends. Now sit." Rachel said, pointing to her neatly made bed. She plugged the flat iron back in and turned it on. When it was hot, she sat behind me on her knees, armed with a heavy duty comb to pull out the knots in my hair. She worked in silence as I looked around her room. Her things were all neatly put away, whereas mine were still in packing boxes and overflowing suitcases, even though we'd been here for two weeks. She'd even repainted it and put up posters and curtains. "It must suck starting at a new school your senior year."

"It does." The only sound was the opening of the flat iron as she moved to the next segment of hair. " But this school has so much more to offer for me. Our old one was too small." We sat in a sisterly silence until she was done. "Are you planning to wear that?" She asked. I looked down at my cut offs and t-shirt. "Yeah...what's wrong with it?"

"It's not summer vacation anymore."

"I can still dress like it is, can't I?" She shook her head. After a few minutes of complaining and resisting, I had on jeans, even though it technically was still summer, and a turquoise tank top underneath a borrowed cream colored lace sleeveless top. She was going to make me wear a pair of leather sandals, but she said because my toenails weren't painted, I could wear my riding boots, since they were clean, now that I wouldn't need them anymore. I drew the line at make-up. Still with plenty of time, I packed the backpack I'd had since 5th grade with what I would need. My stomach was churning too much too eat anything. By the time we all got into Ethan's car, so he could drop Rachel and me off at the high school, Liv and Sammy (much to her chagrin) at the middle school and Miriam at the elementary school before going to the community college, my knees were shaking, and my mouth was dry. Miriam was still too young to be embarrassed, Sammy, like all boys, makes friends easily, and Rachel and Liv were outgoing and made friends easily. I was the awkward and shy middle kid of the family. "You'll be fine." Rachel said, squeezing my hand, after we squeezed out of the car first and climbed the front steps of the school. "Do you know where you're first class is?" I nodded, too nervous to speak. "Well, meet me out here after school. Mom said she'd pick us up. Good luck!" She smiled reassuringly as, with the rest of the throng, the hallways split. She went down the senior hallway, and I was swept away with everyone else. School didn't start for another ten minutes. Everything looked completely foreign, even though I'd been here twice, once with Rachel, and once for the new kid orientation thing. I pulled my schedule out of my pocket, and ducked through the current of tanned, excited students into the bathroom. Two short freshmen girls were squealing and chattering in high pitched voices as they compared schedules, taking refuge away from the older kids. I remembered feeling like that last year as me and my friends joined the high school back home. It was similar this year, except I was alone. I slipped into the first stall. They left, and I realized how quiet it was in here. My heart was pounding. I put down the lid and sat down, waiting until the halls cleared a bit so I could get my bearings and not look like a fool doing it. Another girl came in and stood in front of the mirrors, and I heard her rummage through her bag. Through the creases of my schedule, I managed to locate my homeroom. The map of the school didn't help me much. I guess I would ask the girl outside where to find my homeroom. I flushed the toilet, and nonchalantly opened the door and went to wash my hands. She was putting on mascara. At first, her black skinny jeans, white low-cut tank top, tight black striped corset, black combat boots, slouchy black knit hat, black lace fingerless gloves, and short black leather jacket intimidated me, but she seemed nice. Ethan had told me everyone here does drugs, and she hadn't offered me drugs yet, so she was probably okay. I turned off the water and grabbed a paper towel to dry my hands. I was about to say something, but she beat me to it. "First day?" She asked, not taking her eyes off the mirror.

"Yeah" I said lamely and smiled. She put away her mascara and took a brush out and brushed her collarbone-length choppy blonde hair with black underneath hair. "Where are you from?"

"Texas." I said, again, lamely.

""Thought so. I'm from England." I then noticed a slight British accent.

"How'd you know?" I said, my best attempt at making conversation. I threw the paper towel away, and she made eye contact with me through the mirror.

"You got a, you know, a twang."

"Oh." Was the best I could come up with. I glanced at my schedule. "Hey, could you tell me where the D hallway is?" She put away the brush and zipped up her bag. "yeah, if you turn left when you leave, and go past the cafeteria, and go down the first hallway, you're there. I'm Reese, by the way." She said as she but her bag on one shoulder. "I'm a junior, and I've been here for 3 years. If you need any more help, just find me."

"Thanks. Oh, and my name's Shiloh. I'm a sophomore. It's nice to meet you." Then the door opened, and two more giggling freshmen came in. "Some guy outside told me to tell you to hurry up." One of them said nervously, like Reese might smack her or something. "That would be Tristan." She said with a little grin. "Nice to meet you too, Shiloh. If you need help, just ask me!" She said as we moved toward the door. "Bye" I said, as a guy came toward her and kissed her check. They put their arms around each other, and started strolling in the other direction.

Remembering her directions, I turned left and walked past the cafeteria, an evident meeting spot for long lost friends. People coming out of it were causing a traffic jam as they tried to leave. I slipped through, keeping my arms crossed. The D hallway was relatively deserted, as class started in less than five minutes. I read the numbers on the sides of the open doors. I saw my classroom at the end of the hall, across from another hallway. I took a shaky breath of relief and smoothed back my hair. All of the sudden, before I could react, a skinny guy in a black leather jacket rounded the corner the same time I passed it and slammed into me. The impact stunned me. Then I felt something hot soaking into my shirt. I looked down, seeing the top part of my shirt –Rachel's shirt-covered with coffee. I glanced up from the mess at the same time the guy did. His blue eyes were just as shocked as I felt. In his hand, a crushed Starbucks cup was dripping onto the floor. I didn't know what to say, so I just stood there. "Aw, man, I am so sorry. My fault-totally my fault." Instead of being sincere, he started laughing. The sound of high heels, and bad pop music came down the hall. "Andreeww! Give me my coffeeeee!" some girl whined. She came around the corner, and burst out laughing. It was high pitched, and very loud. The cell phone in her hand still played music. "You spilled my coffee Andrew!" she shrieked She had very light, obviously dyed blonde hair in some weird layered style, with some very bright neon pink highlights. She wasn't very pretty, and she wore tons of makeup, and had about 4 piercings in her ears, and one on her nose which made her look like a pig. "Go get some paper towels, Arianna." Andrew said.

"What for?"

"I spilled coffee everywhere, maybe?"

"So, let the janitors clean it up. Let's go. And you owe me more coffee." She said, tucking her phone into her bra, which stuck out of the top of sheer black shirt, if you could call it a shirt, and went on walking. The bell was about to ring, but Andrew ran into the bathroom and came out with a wad of paper towels, suddenly very nice. "I'm really sorry 'bout that." He said, handing me some and wiping up the coffee on the floor. I wiped at my shirt, but it didn't do much. "What's your name?" he said, standing up and attempting to wipe the coffee of my chest area. "Shiloh, and keep your hands to yourself." I said, taking a step backwards.

"AndREW! Come on!" Came Arianna's voice.

"I'm Andrew"

"I heard." I said, as I stuffed the wet paper towels into his hand and darted into the classroom. I slipped into the first seat available, and opened my backpack to get my sweatshirt. The girl in front of me turned around. "What happened to you?" She said, pushing her long black ponytail off the shoulder of her baggy t-shirt. "Was it that ****ing guy Andrew? I heard that ***** yelling his name." A bit taken back by her language, I didn't answer right away. "Oh, yeah, he spilled coffee on me." She made a face. " ****, that sucks." She said. I slid my camouflage hoodie over my head and put my arms into the sleeves. The bell rang, and the tired teacher stood up. "Welcome to Valley high school, guys. I'll take attendance in a minute. Here's some information about the school, and you need to get the technology form signed by your parents." He began passing out tan envelopes to us. "Shiloh Lawrence?" He said, in a very bored tone. I raised my hand a little, and he handed me mine. The girl turned around again. "****ing Cool name. Is that like the **** dog?" She asked. I raised my eyebrows. As up front as she was, she was nice.

"No, actually it means 'God's gift'"

"So are you a Christian?" I nodded. "me too" That seemed weird, because she hadn't said one sentence without cursing. "Nehra Saudner?" Asked the teacher (whose mood hadn't improved) The girl, Nehra, took it. "Do you play any sports?"

"No…do you?" I said at a lame attempt to make conversation.

"**** yeah! I play rugby here, and boxing. You should join."

"I'm not really a sport person" she shrugged.

"Are you from Texas, or the south or something?"

"Yeah…how'd you know?

"Your twang" Of course.

I sighed, and Nehra started ruffling through the papers, cursing every now and then. This was going to be one long day.