Part 1:

A new moon, a night without rest.

Innocently walking within the forest,

Rumors of these woods indicate violence,

Yet you press on, enjoying the silence.

You hear an owl hoot in the distance,

Ignoring the foreshadow of the instance.

Before you can react, something comes from behind,

As you stand frozen, a voice floods your mind.

"When the moon is gone again, you will accept this deal,

It will all begin, when you find your first meal."

You feel your soul draining, as blood rushes out.

Your strength begins waning, as your mind clouds with doubt.

A curse courses through you like fire,

Awakening that forbidden desire.

Your mind begins to roam as the shadow begins to fade,

You turn and head home, hoping to end this dark charade.

Part 2: One month later…

As the moon goes to sleep, you wake up in a haze,

The curse begins to creep; your senses begin to raise.

Your skin turns more pale, your hair white as snow,

Fangs prick your bottom lip, you know it's time to start the show.

Black wings extend outward as the curse fully takes hold,

Finger nails shift into claws, while your eyes turn a vibrant gold.

Quickly rushing to the mirror to see no reflection,

You begin to panic as you descend into imperfection.

The stillness of the night surrounds and beckons,

You spread your wings and take of in seconds.

There are others about the night just like you,

However, the purebloods are very few.

As you hunt with your kin, nothing escapes your cold embrace,

As you feed on their skin, they constantly beg for your grace.

Friends, family, to you they are all a snack.

You realize through the screams, it's time for your attack.