Sorry about the short chapters, they will get longer.

"What a building…" I thought in amazement as I stared at it, its towering form above me. I crossed my toned arms as I pulled the directions to my face to read. Sure enough, they read correctly.

"It looks like a dojo, but is the one I'm supposed to be at?" I asked myself as I picked up my bags and entered the building. Sure enough, a young lady was sitting at a front desk, wearing a white karate gi and a pretty smile.

"Welcome to Tenshi Dojo!" She grinned, walking up to meet me. "Are you one of the new recruits?"

"Uh…Yeah. Where do I put my stuff?" I asked sheepishly, not really knowing how to return the young lady's hospitality.

"I'll take them now, and I'll show you to your room. In fact, I'll give you the grand tour!"

The whole theme was very Asian, with rice paper walls, and some fake rice paper walls, too.

We went down a hall next to the front desk, and there were rooms on both sides of the hall.

"This is the girl's dorm, the boy's is through the bathrooms on the other side, so you don't really have to worry about Peeping Toms." The lady giggled. We stopped at one room, which had the number thirteen on it. "What's your name?"

"Hana." I replied.

"Okay Ms. Hana, this is your room. Lucky you, since we have an odd number of people due to new recruits, you get this room to yourself! Get yourself settled, and when you're ready, give me a shout, and I'll show you the rest. My name a Leah, and I'm always happy to help."

With that, she walked off. I opened the door, and the room itself was beautiful. Rice paper theme, sliding closet door, and a small bed. On the wall hung a wooden symbol in a language I didn't know, and a flowerpot was on the windowsill.

"This looks great. Leah really outdid herself." I admired, putting my stuff down on the ground. I walked out, and returned to the front.

"You ready? You can just head in there." She pointed to a door nearby, still smiling.

I shrugged, and with one fluid motion, entered the room. It was a large room, the floor and walls made of blue gym mats. There was a lone woman attacking a punching bag.

"Excuse me!" I said, moving closer to her. She kept hitting the bag, letting out a loud cry each time. Suddenly, she threw a powerful overhead kick which broke the chain and sent the bag flying to the ground with a thud.

She turned to me, snarling. "Who told you to interrupt me?!"

I put up my hands in defense. "I-I'm one of the new recruits! Leah led me in here!"

She looked away for a second, then back at me. "Let's see if you qualify!"

She charged, and began to rain punches on me. I blocked every one, and I was secretly thanking my desire to learn more defense than offense.

I parried one blow, and with a swift motion, grabbed her other arm. Her momentum faded, and I flung her over my shoulder and into the wall. She sat up, her eyes full of anger.

She stomped over to me, and without much hesitance, picked me up by my shirt front. Her snarling face melted into a smile, and she burst into laughter. "You're great, kid! I like you already, you have guts! Definitely contrasts to your appearance!"

She let go, and continued to laugh at her own comments. I was very baffled, to say the least. "W-what just happened?"

She stopped laughing. "I'm sorry, kid. My name's Tenma, and I'm the master at this dojo! What's your name, I can't remember 'em all because we got so many new students this year!"

I backed away slightly, as she was quite loud. "M-my name is Hana. I'm from Steuben, Indiana, and yes, I'm a new student."

"Glad to have you! Did Leah show you your room?" Tenma asked, putting her hands behind her back.

"Yeah, and she mentioned something about a grand tour?"

"I'll be the one to give that! Especially since most don't survive my test!" She roared with laughter as she walked to another door adjacent to the one I entered in.

I followed her, and she kept walking for a bit. "This is another hall, as you can see. The boys' dorm is down the right, and the bathrooms are combined against this wall to my right. You have to go through the boy's hall to get to the yard, though."

I took it all in, and turning to the window, I could see another building in the distance. It was very similar to Tenshi Dojo, but it had a darker color scheme, and a different symbol on the front.

"What's that building over there?" I asked, pointing towards it.

She shook her head. "That…is Oni Dojo. There, the martial artists learn cruel techniques that are unnecessarily harsh, and you will soon learn that I teach a style that will cripple, but not destroy. We hate them, and they hate us. The worst part?" She turned to me, looking down slightly.

"My ex-husband is the master…" She said somberly.