I doubt your feelings

And the truth behind

All my life I've been


So I learned

To hate back.

Then I met you

And my world spun around

You like me?


Love me?

No, completely out of the question


It is wrong

To lie

So tell me the truth

You're like everyone else

Aren't you?

Full of hate

Towards me

Unquenchable thirst

For my demise

This charade of love

No, it won't fool me

I love you

Isn't that enough

For you to destroy me?

Why must you torture me

With this little game?

You think I

Will believe you?

I've lived long enough to know that




Are impossible

To exist in another's


For me.

No, I am not

A fool

I know I must hate

To survive a world

Full of cruelty and hate

And yet, I love you.

How could this happen?

I was careful

I was wise

Then I fell

For you

Knowing full well

You could never return

The feelings.

Yet you pretend

Because you don't want

To simply kill me

No, you want to

Have me


Into a thousand



To never feel again

Completely numb

This was my mistake

I must pay the price.

So do it again,

Say you love me,

One last time.

Then let me close my eyes

As you stab me

Through the heart

And soul

So I may not see

Who killed my being

With an elegant dagger

So as I collapse

And fall into the pit

Of despair,

I can hold onto

Your untrue words

As I slowly die inside

Let me keep that

Foolish hope

That perhaps you did

Love me…

And as I begin to fade

I will wonder

Did you ever care?

Did you understand I did

And do


And with no regrets

Love you?