I am nothing but the words I create

I was born into a universe of swirling colors and bright circles that were visible only to me. Imagine indescribable colors that had no earthly names and infinite lines that twisted endlessly, infinitely, in the air.

I came from a world where jellyfish swam in a sea of stars and flowers never died because flowers never grew. In this world I painted gold lines on fishes' scales as I watched them merge into prisms of liquid dreams. And with the close of every day the sun exploded into a million pieces that crashed into new moons and old stars only to reconfigure back together as a newer, brighter, bigger, more illuminating sun. I would roam with the tigers in the wild forests of the moon and explore the ancient ruins that lay hidden away in the cracks of the earth. And at midnight I could watch the silver sea horses dive into the waves of the nebula while the lights of the Aurora Borealis glistened above me.

I could argue with darkness and dance with the breath of angel's wings on my neck while my mouth watered at the aroma of melting crystallized ginger and candied oranges blended and clung to the damp air.

But I only ate poisoned apples and drank from cursed chalices. I let my mind breathe through aesthetics while my soul fought divine wars and my physical body lay decaying in the darkness of Pandora's Box.

And I existed ever as the sparkling scales of the sly serpent and the scissors that were used to cut the very strings of life.

I wandered every hanging garden that was ever woven in-between paradises lost, a place that was meant to be found only by those who do not know where to look. And from there I ambled through every spiraling staircases and ash filled purgatories where only those who live with quiet insanity had ever dared venture.

And I could feel the end cycling into nothingness.

Over and over, I manifested myself into every pristine moment of life.

The truth?

I was born into darkness but now I can see the light.

If I became a jumble of words, this traces the origins of my creativity.