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"I never thought I would see you again." Shaylee said. "I know what you mean but at least we found each other again although I would have liked it to be under better conditions." he said. "I know what you mean everything wen t down hill after my grandfather died and my father took over thats why I need to defeat him so I can take the thrown and bring peace to everything."

The two of them went off to bed for they new that tomorrow would be a tiresome day full of training to get Shaylee ready to fight her father. (the next day) "Ok Shaylee what is your weapon of choice?" Phenoix said "I tend to be found of my long double daggers their easy for me to miniver and I will also use my powers over the plants if I have to for I don't like them getting hurt." Shaylee said "Ok then lets work on your hand to hand combat since you have to get in close to him to harm him with the daggers." Phenoix said

They started out with basic blocking tequnics to see how much she new then Shaylee wen ton the offensive and started attacking him. "Shaylee you are smaller then most(she is 5 ft) so you need to rely on your speed and ability to use your opponents force and momentum agenst them to throw them off balance." Phenoix said while he blocked her punch then she did something he didn't see coming she got real close and as he threw a punch she grabbed his arm and used his momentum to throw him across the room a waise. "Like that" Shaylee said smirking (bold stuff is what phenoix is thinking. If I'm not careful I just might end up falling for her she looks so cute when she smirks like that. Just then Blossome entered the room.

"Shaylee Shaylee! can we have a picnic I really want to have a picnic" Said the bouncing little girl. "I'm due for a break so I don't see why not lets go." Shaylee said grabbing the little girls hand. Blossome dragged Shaylee out of the training room and out to the garden where she had the picnic set up they sat down on the blankets and began to eat just then the king and queen came out. "Mommy Daddy do you want to join us." Blossome said "We would love to darling" The queen said

"Good afternoon your magisties" Shaylee said "Ohh please dear call us by are names I'm Lilly and my husband is Demitry" The Queen said. "Ohh ok" Shaylee said They ate there meal and sat their enjoying the garden when Blossome brought a flower seed "Mommy my flowers are never as good as yours will you help me?" Blossome said. "Here let me" Shaylee said. "Now where do you want to plant it?" Shaylee said. "Right here" Blossome said pointing Shaylee dug a little whole and told Blossome to put in then they both covered it up and Shaylee put her hand over the little patch of dirt and told Blossome to put her hand over hers. "Now what are you two favorite colors?" Shaylee asked

"Pink and purple." Blossome said Shaylee focused all her magic on the flowers and a flower grew that was pink on the tips and it perfectly blended to purple on the bottom...

(ok great way to end this chapter nice and sweet thank you for the guest who reviewed on chapter 4 saying she like it and the fighting parts like always I love your reviews and now I have a challenge I think this chapter was a little slow but I don't no what should happen next so I want all of you to post what you think should happen next I will pick my favorite one im sure they will all be good until next time.) :)

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