It was a warm winter day when she first met her son
This day in perfection hope had begun

He grew and he left and found his own way
Commitments with joy and work everyday

Till he came to the door with sadness to say
"Mom, I'll be going away, but this time to stay"

The noise and chaos, long hours and such
Woke up this morning not feeling it much

The wind left my sail. My keel's in the sand
Im wearing the heart of a one man band

"Son, the tide will come in, the wind will rebound
If that's not enough there's help to be found
There's backhoes and shovels and tug boats around"

"Mom try to listen if you knew what I knew
And the tugboats they show for only the few

The noise and chaos, long hours and such
Woke up this morning not feeling it much"

" Bud, your dad you know how he stayed
He stayed and he stayed to the very last day"

"So my name will be spoken with scorn and dismay
What a small price to pay for going away"

He said to his sister, her family too
"Don't be so sad, Its not about you

It won't be long till I see you again
I'll still hold you close but I need time to mend"

The years rolled on by but he still held them dear
Easy indeed just three times a year

One day it came, his mother long gone
He asked her a favor, a very small one

"Is there room in your home for a storage bin?"
"My attic is empty and clean so just put them in"

One day she realized he would come no more
She reported him missing hoping no more

She went to the attic in search of a clue
After all what else could she do

The bins they were full of stories to send
Not one was finished they all had no end

A sad day it was when the call finally came in
The man kindly said "I think this is him"

He sadly said "Not a tooth to be found
Not here or near or down on the ground
Give me the time for the truth to be found

She thought to herself," There's no way that can be
Why would he suffer so needlessly?"

A flicker of hope passed on her face
gone in a moment with grief in its place

She was very sure she knew it was him
Years she had wondered "Where had he been?"

The ring on his finger, initials still clear
The dog at his side,loyal and near
The tag and the collor she saw three times a year

She said to her brother, "I'll find your son
I'll finish your stories, every last one"

She found his son but the search was long
It was a peaceful place where he seemed to belong
Soft banter and lauphter came like a song

He was taking comfort in prosperity
Taking the place of what never could be

She gave him the ring his father had worn
She knew it's presense might make him mourn

He only said "There's not much to grieve
I know you're my aunt but I need you to leave"

She left his door but stopped to cry
Her mother and brother alive in his eyes

She relized the truth when it came to his son
No one could finish what he had begun

She knew it was daunting but she still had to try
To finish his stories all one chapter shy

Soon she surrendered cause it never could be
Time to give up she set herself free

She read and sorted keeping the best
She told her family "This is all we have left"

The years went by, a hundred or more
The storms carried the box out to the shore

It floated and sank, not a ray from the sun
No one could finish what he had begun