I'm sorry if this hurts for you

But I did what I had to do

'Cause when you left I fell apart

I'm tired of this aching heart

I realized with you around

I'll never get up off the ground

I have to say goodbye it seems

But I'll still see you in my dreams

I'll learn to make it by each day

Without those wondrous things you'd say

I have to learn to live without

Those crazy things we'd talk about

As awful as I know it sounds

It hurts me, dear, when you're around

You broke me, left me here to die

But I swear you'll no more see me cry

It hurts me too, to watch you go

I'm sorry that you'll never know

How much I miss you everyday

Oh how I wish you'd heard me say

"I'll always be the better man

He'll never, he can't understand

And even though I said goodbye,

He's still the apple of my eye."

And so I'll let you live in peace

No late night calls from panicked me

You'll forget me, I'll forget you

The saddest part is how it's true

So goodbye love that once was mine

Goodbye memories, lost to time

Goodbye to all my wasted tears,

Hello new, untainted years.