This is the only warning for the whole story. Don't read if you are really easily scared/don't like descriptions of torture.

Don't worry, my darling. You will dream a sweet dream this night. I'll show you something good. I'll show you sights no other mortal has seen. You will never want to wake up. You won't be able to wake up. You'll be trapped in a paradise of my own creation, my world, for all of eternity. I'll never let you go. We'll play 'til night to dawn and play some more. You'll have to stay here until I'm satisfied. However, I'll never be satisfied, my dear. An insatiable will is in my blood. You'll just have to keep dreaming. You'll have to stay even if you don't want to anymore. Oh, you look frightened. Remember it was your choice. You're the instigator. You're the one who chose to close your eyes. You're the one who decided to go to sleep. Now, I own you. You are mine. I'm the one who will determine whether you wake or dream. Whether you live or die. And, sweetheart, I am your new master and I will never let you escape. I make grown men cry and terrorize maids 'til they're too spooked to fall asleep. They will remember me for the rest of their mortal lives just as you will. You're mine until I discard you. There won't be anything left when I'm through with you. I'll haunt your subconscious until the end of time, inducing unforetold series of beautiful dreams. In your mind's eye, you'll see your beloved chained, a prisoner in a rat-infested dungeon. Slowly, your partner's bonds will tighten, choking off oxygen supply. The rats will come out and slowly eat your love alive while the poor darling watches, screaming as those sharp little teeth rip off flesh, bit by bit. Your lover's eyes will fall out, hitting the grimy ground with wet thuds. Oh, sweetie, you look a bit pale. What's wrong? Hm. You won't talk. A bit shy, are you? That's adorable. The next victim, your mother, will be tossed into a huge boiling pot of water, her screeches echoing throughout your mind as she cooks. Your father will be chopped to pieces with an axe you wield yourself as his terrified, pleading eyes beg please no─Don't back away from me. You have nowhere to run. You little... Oh my, now wasn't that unpleasant? Don't tremble so much. I'm sure the hand marks will disappear. This is a dream after all. Just do what I say and you should be just fine.

All of your friends will explode into bits in front of your dream self, their blank faces magnified for your pleasure. Your dog shredded to strips at your feet. Headless babies circling you, giggling, their bloody hands reaching for you, their embodiless voices repeatedly chanting food, food. I'll destroy your mind. Everyone you care for will die. There is no one else you can love except for me. You can only love me. I say fall off a cliff; you will fall off a cliff. I say jump; you will ask how high. You live and breathe by my command now. You are my new toy to do as I see fit. You have no choice. You have no right to refuse this honor. Because, remember, you're the one who fell asleep. Now, you're in my domain. Oh, don't cry so much. It can't be that bad. You have me after all. I'll play with you until you're nothing but an empty shell. So prepare yourself, my darling, because I'm coming for you. You'll never wake up again. You can never leave me. That's just not possible.

You are mine, honey.