Surprise, surprise. I decided I'll continue this.

If you still like my writing, then you might see this. Benidate86, thank you. You'd given me inspiration.

Well, my sweet, it has only been a few scant weeks and you're sick of me already? Humans are such variable creatures. You change with the weather. However, I'm afraid there is no exit. None will be found unless I will it. And, my darling, I do not wish for your absence. You will have to remain here, in my hold, no matter how much you desire freedom. For freedom is no longer an option for you. You see, you were doomed from the moment I laid eyes on you. It was just my good fortune, a mere coincidence, that you chose to sleep so soon. Otherwise, I might have quickly grown weary of waiting and have gone off on my merry way to find another prey. However, that didn't happen and, now, you're caught in an irreversible web of my making. I have no control over the awake, but since you have gone into my territory, you are now hopelessly entangled in my clutches. There is no escape. You have no one else to blame but yourself. We had such fun times, didn't we, my darling? Hm? Respond when I speak to you! You miserable little maggot! Oh... that looks like that'll start to bruise in a day or two. You don't have to worry. This is a dream, remember? I have the power to take away the pain, but only if you behave, then maybe. We will have lots of fun together, just like old times. Those times when I gave you such wonderful dreams of you murdering off relative after relative. Their blood on your skin was absolutely beautiful. The look of you wielding an instrument of death was truly enchanting. Aw... you look a bit apprehensive. That's good, too. Show me more of your lovely expressions. Every single one of them is so delicious. You truly do look the best when your eloquent eyes are filled with fear and your face contorted with terror. It is a fault of your own that I torture you so. You induce me to hurt you. Oh, sweetheart, we'll have such good times together. You'll never want to leave. It's not like that's a possibility. You simply can't escape. What I desire is what I get. It is a fact. There is no contradiction, no exception. No matter where you run, how far you go, where you decide to conceal yourself, remember that this is my world. I know every nook and cranny as well as I know my own hand. I control everything here, including you, my darling. All the inhabitants of this realm answer to me. I hold supreme rule over this land. At a tilt of my finger or a simple look, they bend to my will, however not because they are forced to obey but because they want to. Each and every being in this world love me and they are willing to do anything for me. You will come to do the same eventually. There will come a day when you will cease to resist me.

Until then, my darling... If you cry or scream, I would just watch you, enjoying the show you are putting on for me. You always look so mesmerizing when you're in agony. I shall torture you some more. However, not too much. I don't want you to become an unresponsive shadow of a human just yet. One day, just not today. It's just so much fun to tease you. It'll be a shame to lose that entertainment so soon. If there were laws in this world besides mine, I would say that it'll be a crime. Oh, how I love your pained face. I have an excellent idea. Why don't we play a game, my dear? I'll give you to the count of five to run. Ready, set, go.


Look at you run. You appear to be very desperate to get away. You must be terrified of me. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Silly. Running won't get you anywhere. There is nowhere you can run where I can't see you, where I can't reach you. I have eyes everywhere, keeping watch for me. I have connections everywhere. You can't do anything without my knowledge. You should already know that. I would say that I'm sorry, but, sweetie, I'll be lying. Concealing the truth, disguising it, that is below me when I have nothing to hide. There is nothing I'm afraid of nor is there anything I should be ashamed of. Nor should there be any reason for me to be. Only humans lie. I would never lie to you. That is a big no no. Trust is such a big part of any relationship. If I have ever breathed a false word, my subjects would have dethroned me long ago.


I would strangle you, shake you, throw you into a wall, show you image after vivid image of your loved ones dying slowly, painfully. Over and over again until you turn quite insane. I'll drive you starking raving mad, my dear. I would make you cry and throw up blood. I would tear off your fingernails one by one. I would crack your fragile skull into a nearby stone wall, your shattered, white bones at odds with the vermillion blood and pink gush. I would peel off your skin, one strip at a time, and stare as the blood wells up on your papery pale skin, smiling all the entire time, relishing your anguish as it shows up on your expressive face, but I will never, ever lie to you, my darling. I would chop off your arm and watch it become infected and infested with maggots while you writhe in agony, your lovely face so full of life and beauty, so terrified. Fear truly belongs on your face. It makes your face so much more beautiful, my darling. Then, I would start slicing off other body parts, little by little, stabbing the blade into your flesh again and again as your screams remain unheard by any other soul besides me. If my arm happens to ever tire, which would take a long time, possibly a small eternity─I don't happen to be human, remember? ─then I would beckon to my little servants to come hither. I have thousands of minions under my command. Fatigue is not a problem. You will never be left alone. You will never have a moment's rest. You will never escape. Consider yourself lucky, honey. Not many have the privilege of laying eyes on me, much less experience the numerous games I allow you to play. You should feel deeply honored.


You're running even faster now. Playing hard to get, are you? How far can you possibly get? Silly, foolish human. Humans always did enjoy complicating their situations, didn't they? Even after so many centuries, you would think that they would have changed at least a bit. No matter how many times you repeat it, you never learn, do you, sweetheart? You know I always get what I want. Your spirit is something to behold, however, it gets a bit tiring to watch after a while, especially when you continue to oppose me. All the effort you are making, how you're forcing your tired useless legs to keep going, it's a complete waste of your energy. There is nothing I can't get; there is nothing I can't do. This is my world after all. My foolish, little darling, run, run, run while you still can. You won't get another chance.


Isn't this fun? We're spending such quality time together. You're going to enjoy the reward I have planned for you. Guess what it is. Oh? You won't? I'll give you a hint then. Consider it proof of my plentiful generosity. It involves something quite similar to this. I can see the perspiration you're building up. Oh, it's soaking through your clothes. I should get you new ones instead of the filthy rags you're currently donning. See, I'm such a good caretaker. You should be grateful. You're never leaving this world. You'll be trapped in this dream of my creation forever because you are hopelessly tangled in my web. I will never let you go. You cannot escape.

Now, my sweet, it's time for me to get you.