Spring break! Yay~! If inspiration comes back, there's a possibility of more updates for other stories or something. Assuming at least one person will actually read it...

A little birdy told me you were trying to find a way to wake up. Tsk, tsk, tsk. And I was having such a delightful time seeing to my people's needs, making sure the land is still flourishing, duties I haven't been attending to with undivided attention because of you, when I heard. I even quite graciously bestow upon you some of my limited time. Yet you're still trying to oppose me? That, my dear, is not a wise decision. I've told you countless times. You can't escape from me. Yet you believe you can. Isn't that adorable? This realm is my domain. I call the shots. You stay until I wish otherwise. Your freedom, your life is in my hands. I don't intend to let them go any time soon. I don't plan on letting you go. You are mine. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes and the soles of your feet, you're mine, my pet. Body, soul, mind, everything is mine until I tire of it. You're much too fun to tease. You'll never learn, will you, my darling? Silly. Or perhaps you were vying for my attention. No response? Hm... either way, defiance is unacceptable. What should I do to make you remember? Shall I shove a metal stake that's been cooking in the eternal fires of Fira for days in both of your eyes, one at a time? Then, I can watch as the blood pools in your sockets, the red overtaking the white, eventually sliding down your face in vermillion rivulets as your expression twists into a beautiful mask of agony, your mouth forming a silent scream, too surprised to yet make a sound. After that show, I can gouge out the remnants of your eyes and let you hear the wet thuds as they drop to the floor more acutely? Or shall I carefully take out your eyes whole and treasure them as tokens of remembrance instead? Eyes are much more convenient to keep around than a body. Furthermore, your eyes do happen to be lovely.

I digress. On with the list.

Perhaps I should I tell my ever faithful servants to chase you, trap you, then hold you down, and tear out all of your nails one by one, watching as your pained screams echo throughout the room? They can turn on your fingers and toes next. Pulling out phalanges, tearing the skin and flesh off of the rest of the hand is fun, don't you agree, my darling? You'll be able to see the torn pink muscles and blue, red veins in all its bloody glory. Oh, or shall my loyal subjects hammer your knees in? With small, rusted spikes poking out of the head. Until the skin breaks open and the bones break out, flesh flying everywhere, splattering bleeding meat and veins against your face, your body. The crunch and split of your bones would be so entertaining. Bones breaking, being smashed into unfixable fragments, sound so delightful. The blood and screams would be a nice bonus. The sound of pain just tickles my funny bone. They'll slam down on your legs until they're mush. Those legs of yours will be nothing but bleeding stubs. Then, there is an option of letting a few of my man-eating insects to have a taste of you. My little pretties just adore the sweet deliciousness of human flesh. It's been a while since their last human. The poor darlings are bound to be starving for some. However, they will only each be allowed one bite a day. Oh, how many months, possibly even years, will that take for them to finish you off? Or shall I open your mouth wider than it could go, stretching it beyond its limits, pulling your jaw out of its socket, eventually ripping off your chin? Then, I could easily cut out your tongue and feed it to you. However, it's been some time since I last fed you, my pet. That would be more of a reward than a punishment. Sigh... Choices, choices. So many. Everything is just so tempting. You know what. Since my generosity is boundless, I'll let you decide. The choice is yours, my sweet. Whatever you choose, I'd be more than willing to comply. It'll be my pleasure. Mm... you're trembling. You're so adorable. It makes me want to hurt you more. Aw... your whimpers are so cute. I don't believe I can profess to have heard a sweeter sound. Backing away won't help your situation. Your terrified wide-eyed look must be your charm Shall we continue, my dear?

My, my, don't you look quite lovely covered in blood? You look good in red. Pain truly is the most perfect accessory. Mm. Smile, sweetie. See? Obeying me is much easier on you. If you understood that from the start, you wouldn't have to be hurt... as much. Oh, well, too bad. I'm afraid it's too late now, honey. Your screams no longer appeal to me. You seem to have lost your spirit. It's a bit disappointing that you broke so quickly. Therefore, it just isn't fun anymore. Your face, your body writhing in pain used to be captivating. Now, it does nothing for me. Your whimpers used be your area of specialty; now, I find it tedious. You've outstayed your visit. You are no longer of any use. There is no other way convenient for me. I suppose I should just kill you now. Keeping you alive when you should have died many times before takes a bit of a toll on me. Don't look at me like that. You knew from the beginning that once I tire of you, I'll dispose of you. I haven't hidden that from you. That would be equivalent to lying. And I do not lie. You're of no use to me anymore. It's your own fault that you can't further entertain me. However, because of my endless magnanimity, before we part, I've decided to give you a farewell gift. Oh, don't do that. Keep your eyes open. You should see this. It'll be...


Aw... you're not moving anymore. Such a waste. It's a pity, really. Perhaps I could've wrung one last bit of entertainment from killing you. Humans are so fragile. They break with the slightest pressure. Their basic structure is much weaker than those of who dwell in my realm and other worlds. I suppose that's the reason why I don't usually target humans. I admit that I may have gone a bit overboard. However, I have no regrets. Well, you were fun while you lasted. I'm sure my little darlings will have a feast tonight. Human flesh has a particular taste to it. I'm glad I can provide my subjects with further enjoyment. Enjoy your stay at my cousin, Death's, place. I'm sure Death will treat you as kindly as I have. I can guarantee it. We have somewhat... similar interests. Although, unlike me, that one is perfectly content with broken dolls.





Well, that's the end. Thank you for reading. A lovely present and future to you. Bye!