All I can see is darkness, then all of a sudden I am right in the middle of the moment. Like a movie I am the main character and he is my love interested. Hes kissing me, yes kissing me and it feels like heaven. But what is this.. He couldn't be really kissing me and what is that noise... Right in that moment all I can hear is a scream. It sounds like a voice I have always known and it sounds close.
I sat up in bed, heart pounding, head throbbing as if I had got hit with a volleyball in gym class again. My ears are ringing and I can hardly breath to save my life. That was the third time this very dream has visited me this week. What was happening to me, I was never one to have nightmares and why did they make it so wonderful in the beginning. I want to know who is screaming, I want to know who the voice comes from. I fell back down on my pillow only to look up at the alarm clock and find that I have to get ready for school soon. I slowly slide off my covers letting the cold air seep across my skin making me shiver. As I go to stand up and stretch my hand scuffs my side and I remember the scar, the scar no one can tell me about and I have no idea myself as to how it got there. It's deep and it's painful to look at most times for me at least. I quickly pull down my shirt to forget and walk over to the mirror and slump down in the chair. I stare at the reflection that faces me a examine her face, sometimes I don't feel it's me on the outside. I shake my head and snap out of my dreamy stage and put my hair up in a messy bun. I go to the sink to wash my face and find a note from my mom taped to the taps, "Went out, be back by Sunday." And that's all she wrote. My mom is a women of few words, not to mention its Wednesday. I crumple the paper and throw it in the garbage by the counter putting her out of my mind. Once again I look at the girl in the mirror while turning on the taps, she looks pretty? No she looks beautiful or so people say. If only they knew the real girl on the inside. I splash my face and then everything is gone and I forget how the mirror defies me.