Challenges are evil.

They sneak upon you when you least expect them to,

When you have no attention to pay.

How could something so simple,

Cause such a catastrophe in life?

Every tweak,

Every bump in the road,

Boulder in the path.

Something that prevents you from going forward.

The one thing that lives off of fear,

Confides in pain,

Conflicts love,

Smiles in the name of Misery.

Something that forces us to stop.

To give up,

To lose.

How could something so small,

End it all?

And yet, when looked upon the forgotten spectrum,

We need the troubles of life.

It's how society separtes the cowardly, from the brave.

And inspires.

The very thing that can build us from the ground up,

To the limitless skies above.

It's what makes us stronger, faster, better,

The livelihood of the nature of the soul within.

To make us,

To shatter us, like delicate glass.

Challenges see us like puppets, in a twisted show.

They take charge, have all the control,

But when you cut the cords, you become invicible.

You get the last laugh,

You move on.

From the time you took the first breath of life,

Challenges watch you,

Lurking in the shadows,

Waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Ever so paitiently.

But no matter the situation,

No matter the consequence,

No matter the amount of courage or the lack,

Show no fear.

"You have all the weapons you need,

Now fight."