Wings, I have wings. They have suddenly sprouted from my back and now they are mine. Does this mean I can fly? Should I even try to? I stand there staring at myself in the mirror under the dim lights of our bathroom.

"How am I gonna explain this to mom?"

"Explain what to- Oh. My. God." My sister says bursting into the bathroom. I look at her shocked expression and smile.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" I ask sarcastically

"Y-you have wings."

"Yeah, I know. Pretty cool right?" I smile then open the brilliantly, white, angelic wings, extending them to my sister, watching her blink in awe. She reaches out her hand to them hesitantly.

"Can…. Can I touch them?" She ask, pulling her hand back slightly

"Umm….I guess….Sure, If you want to." I flinch before she's even touched me -just in case- I feel her hand gently stroking my feathery wings.

"There so….soft…." I still stand there looking at myself and then it hits me.

"I have to go" I say under my breath.

"What?" I see the confusion on her face.

"I have to go" I say again, loud enough for her to hear me. "I need to get out of here." I push past my sister, rushing out of the bathroom. "I can't stay."

"What? Why? What do you mean? Where and you gonna go?" She's panicking now. That means mom's gonna go ballistic.

"Katie" I say calmly "I don't know…but I know I can't stay here"

"But why?" Her voice is trembling. Geez I hope she doesn't cry.

"How am I supposed to go to school tomorrow with these on my back?" I can feel the anger rising in my voice…..she doesn't understand. "They'll take me away. Probably ship me off to some government facility where mad scientist will do experiments on me. Katie, I have to leave before they find me"

"Justin, no…we can hide you…..we – we can-"

"But for how long? You and mom can't hide here forever! Katie….I'm sorry," I turn from her, pulling my hands from her grip, and walk out the front door. "I love you" my last words to her, whispered through the crack as the door makes that click then closes.