Chapter 4- Justin

I walk down my block from our apartment building. Blue Ride Apartments. Apartment 96C, I think to myself. I need to remember that if I'm ever gonna come back. I pull my sweatshirt over my head, trying to tuck away my wings underneath it –plus I'm just kinda cold. I'm sure I look like a runaway. Oh wait…I am a runaway

Chapter 5- Mom

I rush down the hallway out of the children's psychiatrics ward. What was going through his head? Why would he leave? I race out of the hospital, get into my car, jam the keys in the ignition, and drive off.

Chapter 6- Katie

"Katie, what happened? Where's Justin?" she's panicking, great.

"Mom" I say "Calm down. Breath, it'll be ok. He probably hasn't even gotten that far." I am lying though my teeth. Knowing, Justin, he could be just about anywhere. You won't find him till he comes out.

"Hasn't gotten that far? Last time he ran away he ended up in L.A and had only been gone for a few hours!" she sighs, running her fingers through her hair, pushing it back. "Call the cops."