The world was a different place now.

Standing on the back porch, leaning against the railing, she stared out at the view. It was one she had admired often. In the far distance, a mountain rose from the ground. It seemed to scratch at the sky, the clouds parting around it. It was covered in a layer of forest land, which looked like moss crawling on the surface of a boulder. A road cut through the moss, a scar in the landscape, deforming it.

The forest continued all the way down, uninterrupted, to their little piece of land. It touched the edge of the lake on the far side before coming to an abrupt end. A deer drank from the water at the edge, it's head coming up every so often to check for unseen predators, not wanting to be left unaware.

The mountain and forest reflected into the lake. It's crystal blue waters shimmered darkly, almost taunting her, wanting her to come out and enjoy it, as she had done many times before. But not today. The surface was smoother than most days, reflecting the bright blue sky perfectly. The white puffy clouds brought no happiness. They seemed like the lumps of nearly evaporated water they were rather than the cotton candy she had once envisioned them as.

On the shore of the lake, water toys sat, forgotten and neglected. They were covered in sand. A giant blue blow-up orca leaned on top of a turtle floatie. Both were lacking in air and would be useless in the water.

The beach was littered with garbage. Soda cans and chip bags that they had brought down there with the intention to bring back and throw away. They were just remnants of the broken intentions now.

The path up to the house was of solid packed-down earth. Tall grasses and weeds surrounded it. The path was overgrown now. Any person walking along that path would've been struck by the grass as they walked, hurting their bare legs for sure. The grass itself was barely green, a sure sign that summer was ending.

Nearer to the house was a swing set they had once played on. Both the swings were broken, and the slide was cracked right down the middle. Time had broken it as it broke all things.