a/n: i am in love with my new macbook pro. it's so freaking awesome. and i don't like apple all that much.
this is total and utter crap. feel free to flame.


it starts with a smile. coy, shy, flirtatious all at once. she comes up to you asking for donations, and you are hooked.


it escalates pretty rapidly until you know that what you have is not just lust. it is love but you lust after her still.


it cools down very fast until you don't know what to make of it anymore. thus being said, you break it off, breaking her in the process. it's bad but you don't care.


she's with someone else now and you are jealous. jealous enough to ruin her life with anonymous notes designed to bring out the worst in her.
needless to say, it's over by the end of the week.


she's depressed and starts wearing long sleeves. though this coincides with a cold snap, you hope she knows that you. own. her.


she meets you in a back alley. you whisper harsh words, breaking her and saving you. you are scared, though. too scared of her to admit why you want to be able to scare her.


when she changes schools, you are almost brought to care. but why would you? after all, you never really cared. sadistic till the end.


here lies the philophobiac who tried to save himself by sacrificing someone else.
no-one will miss him.