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Evening Escapade

I lick and suck your ample cock gently squeezing your balls and taking it deep as I can. "Awwww yessss fuuuck thats good." You reply. And just as you're close to cumming I release your tip from my lips with a pop and stand backing away. As I beckon you to the back door of my house. I Open the door and slowly unbutton my dress and let it slide off my shoulders and hit the floor. "Mmmmm..." You sigh in reverence as you rake you gaze up and down my body. "Damn babe you're still fine as ever!"

I smile shyly as I stand before you in my bra and panties with the cool night breeze from the backyard blowing in the door. I grab my right breast and rub my nipple trough the fabric of my bra and slowly send my hand south over the soft skin of my belly and slide my hand in my lacy panties and massage my wet clit. "Ahhhmmmnn..." I moan with pure pleasure in my voice. As I'm rubbing you begin to come closer and I pinch my nipple with excitement.

I see your erect cock swaying as you walk towards me and I shiver at the thought of you being deep inside me and the cool night breeze blowing on my ass. "You like what you see?" You ask with a grin on your face. I nod in agreement. As you finally reach me you grab my breast with your right hand and my ass with your left grinding your hard precum dripping cock on my soft belly.
You pinch my nipple and and knead my ass at the same time making my already wet pussy gush all through my sexy lacy panties my body arches into yours and more precum drips from your tip and smears on my belly. "Ahhhhhh!" I wimpier. When you suddenly pull the cup of my bra down exposing my my full heavy breast and tight erect nipple. "Ahhhhh hah hah mmmmnnn yessss..." I cry out as you lean down and gently bite my chocolate brown nub while rolling the other between your fingers. "Mmmm so sensitive tonight babe." You breath against my breast.

I thread my fingers through your hair lost in the feel of you mouth on me, suckling from my breast, and I realize you have divested me of my bra and it hangs limply around my arms. You remove your mouth from my nipple and remove my lacy bra and with one hand drop it to the floor. Now I stand before you with just my panties on and moisture dripping through my panties and down my thighs.
You look into my eyes and kneel down never breaking your gaze as you slowly pull my soaked panties over my large round ass and down my chocolate thighs. I shutter as you lick your lips to see my pussy throbbing and wet. "Mmmmmm this is gonna be heaven on my tongue!" You say smiling up at me. You finally remove my panties and toss them away and, spread my legs wide and lick up the inside of my thighs and bury your nose in my wet pussy lips. "Hahhhhhaaammmnn..." I moan as you lick suck and lightly nip my clit.

My knees begin to shake as my need to feel you in me increases. You grab my hips to steady me and climb up my body lighting little kiss all up my body as you go.

Slowly you release me and stand before me cock glistening with precum and you grin down at me as you lick you lips. "Oh babe my cock is weeping for you." You say as your breathing picks up from excitement.

You kiss me deep and my body burns to taste my own juices on your lips. "Mmmmmmm..." I groan into your mouth and you seize tha chance and slide your thick tongue deep inside my mouth, fucking my mouth with your tongue. Suddenly you break from our heated kiss and turn me around facing the wide open door.

You place my hands on the door frame and I turn to see you remove your shirt with your ample cock sitting outside you designer jeans that rest on your slim manly hips.

Then you slide your large hands down my body kneading my ass and rubbing my clit again! "Ahh hah hah hah mmmnnn!" I tilt my head back and moan with pleasure excited to have you touch me and feel the night breeze on my wet pussy and my naked breast, making my nipples hard, and the thought that someone may be watching makes my body burn.

Then you take my ass cheeks and spread them wide and place your firm wet rod between them and thrust up ward while stroking my clit and tweaking my hard nipples. "Oh god, yesssss! Fuck babe this ass of yours it just choice!" I moan and wimpier as you make a mess of me and my pussy gushes as your adept fingers bring me closer to orgasm.

Then suddenly it's there at my opening pushing in deep and slow stretching my tight pussy wide. "Ahhhhhhhhh..." I moan as my eyes pop open and I gasp and grip the door frame with all my might.

Once you are all the way in you grip my hips hard and pull out and slam in deep and hard. "Ahhhhhhhh!" I cry out into the night knowing someone heard that yelp. Then I see it the curtains move and a man stands in the window watching he must have been there for a while cuz I can see him palming and pumping his cock and my nipples stiffen and pussy moisten anew watching him watch us.

You pick up your pace and plunge deep in to me as I grind back on you firm cock. "Fuck yeah babe grind on my dick!" "Hahhhh mmmmnnn..." I groan with every thrust of your hard rod in me and the firm grip you have on my hips is a painful pleasure I can't deny.

As the pace becomes frenzied I eye our voyeur and see that he is also close to his peak. "Ahhhh yeah cum for me babe! I know you see him watching and I know it makes your cunt wet! I feel it on my hard cock!" You rasp in to my ear.

You release my hips and grab my firm breasts, rolling and pinching my hard nipples sending a fire through my veins and into my sensitive pussy where it sets off the explosion we've both been waiting for. Starting a chain reaction that pulses through out my body setting all my nerve endings alight! "Ohhhhh GOD! Yessss mmmnnnn!" I cry out and see that our little watcher has cum also all over his curtains and window.

You squeeze my tits hard as you pour your hot cum inside me grunting with every trust. "Fuck! Yeah! YES! Suck me in deep with that tight pussy of yours.!" You growl into my hair. I fall back against you and breath deep taking in the night breeze and our sent mixed with it.

You kiss up my neck to my ear and and wrap your arms around me one arm under my breast and one arm over them, and you smile against my neck. "You love people to watch don't you?" You ask smiling against my sweat moisten skin. I laugh and the feeling of you twitching inside me intensifies.

I reach my arms over my head and turn to you and kiss you deep and long, I smile against your lips. "Yes, yes I do and so do you." We both laugh as I wave to our watcher and you salute,he scurries away from the curtain as we stay and enjoy the night...