The Most Random Crap You'll Ever Read.

The Tale of Eight Waffles.

Once upon a time in a not-so-far away land, lived waffles.; born every morning into their lives inside this flat bed with prongs that disfigured the waffles. The waffles were happy here though, even if their lives were only about 5 minutes long. They thought it was worth it though.

Well, in this little waffles town, every time waffles were born there were at least eight of them. Usually the waffles took their own title. That's exactly what these eight waffles did. The waffles here were called Mad Waffle, Angry Waffle, Upset Waffle, Killer Waffle, Fat Waffle, Flat Waffle, Horribly-Disfigured Waffle, and George. Like muffins, waffles tend to take their personalities as their name.

Mad waffle was cray-cray, very much so he was. He went into the bed very fast and ran into his twin, Angry Waffle, and Mad Waffle with his mad-self poured down the sides of his bed onto a wooden surface. Though, people did rather like Mad Waffle, he entertained all the waffles.

Angry Waffle, Mad Waffle's twin, was angry. He had no space and throughout his whole life Mad Waffle was ALWAYS touching him. He had these bushy eyebrows that were, well, bushy. Angry Waffle always looked for reasons to be mad, and he spent his whole life, sadly, yelling at Mad Waffle or else he'd eat him himself.

Upset Waffle was upset. He reminded everyone of Sad Muffin. As he was being born, he too, was slow coming into this world and he was extremely quiet. The only difference was, all waffles pretty much look the same, so he wasn't considered as ugly. Upset Waffle was only upset he wasn't last and he had to be stuck next to Killer Waffle.

Killer Waffle was just plain mean. He wasn't angry, or mad at the world or anything, he just liked to kill things. Killer Waffle was Upset Waffle's twin, even though they were nothing alike. As Killer Muffin was being born, she flowed over into Upset Waffle's bed, and conjoined herself with him. Maybe that's why Upset Waffle was so upset…

Fat Waffle was Flat Waffle's twin, ha, funny, hmm? Well, Fat waffle got too much batter put into him as he was being born and he ended up being extremely fluffy. Nobody cared for Fat Waffle though, he was so fat, and big and…fat. He took so much room up and he was very…weird.

Flat Waffle was very flat, even though her brother was all fat and big. Flat waffle was made with little batter since her brother was so huge and took up a lot of room. If they both were big, then they'd be pouring out the sides. Flat waffle was shy and didn't like to talk much, so she kept herself and didn't do much with her life.

The last pair of twins was Horribly-Disfigured Waffle and George. Horribly-Disfigured Waffle was with some cinnamon added to him to make him prettier, but he turned out all burnt-looking and he was the only ugly muffin to exist in this land. So…that'd the story of Horribly-Disfigured Waffle.

The last of the waffles is George. George was the most perfect waffle ever, even though he was born with Horribly-Disfigured Waffle. George was perfectly-fluffy and golden and when he came out of the bed, he was perfectly crisp and amazing. All the Waffles were jealous of George and wanted to be him and his perfect-self.

Well, the Waffles all grew up as twins in this little bed. The only Waffle looking forward to this was Upset Waffle. Twins by twins, the waffles were all being placed on this cold, hard surface. Unlike Muffins, they grew up separately in hot, steel beds. So as their brothers and sisters were being born, they were still waiting, floating around, just waiting to be born. Though, as they were being finished they came were placed on a hard surface that cooled their body temperatures. But soon, the waffles all were on this surface.
Then, they felt a stabbing sensation on their bodies. The waffles felt their twins be separated on two different plates, and being just the perfect age, their bodies were burning again as a warm substance was placed on their bodies . Was this the infamous hot syrup? Why yes! They were all going to a good place!
They could feel the last of the heat escaping their bodies, and then, they felt something wrap around their bodies, and lifted into the air. One-by-one, they were put into a very saliva-filled cave and then, they heard a swallowing sound and they fell. The last of their life being held onto. Hitting this weird acid-filled place, they all whispered their goodbyes and died. Just like the Muffins.