Dear Anthony .

Let's get one thing straight before we begin this- you are not a diary- you are just somewhere where I can pour my emotions so I don't break down like the doc said. If you was a diary I'd call you Dear Diary, wouldn't you think, not Anthony.

Anyway I'm going to get into this before I get side-tracked. Basically, today was my last day at Warthorn Secondary. All the exams are over and we all had one big party on the field. It was quite good- better than I expected it to be –but I think that's because Mark kept on cracking stupid (and also slightly offensive, but we're teenagers so who cares?) jokes. I'll give you an example of one now.

"Why did the Pedobear cross the street?" As soon as I'd heard the joke, I knew what was coming before he even released the punch line. I won't repeat it here as mum has a habit of looking through my books., but everyone burst out laughing and one of my mates even admitted to wetting himself!

So in a nutshell, today was a good day, apart from the shaving foam in my eyes that is. We basically had a big shaving foam fight. I need to remember to not get shaving foam in my eyes ever again because it stings like hell!

Tomorrow's the start of the summer break- and I can't wait to meet up with Ellen again. I haven't been able to see her in two months because of exams and I have truly missed her- damn distances.

Well this is all for now, It's short I know, but once I get into this whole "Writing in Anthony" thing I'm sure I'll write more. You're meant to be storing my emotions after all.

Catch you Later.


Dear Anthony

First day of the summer holidays. I've had the best and longest sleep since the dawn of time. Seriously. I didn't get up until midday- I blame it on the wonderful dream that my brain produced for me.

Basically me and Ellen were at her house- we were watching a movie but I forget what one it was. I think It was titanic-mainly because of what comes next. Anyway, in the dream she falls asleep cuddled with me. That was my favourite part- mainly because Ellen is the sweetest thing when she's asleep, I wouldn't be surprised if she was a fallen angel or something. My god I love her so much...

Wait…what was I talking about again? Sorry- I kind of got distracted haha. …I remember now. So yeah basically she fell asleep, then the sofa turned into that plank from titnanic, but we were both on It, and I remember the water being delightly warm and it was sunny too. It was so romantic- it's left me so relaxed.

Anyway Ellen's coming round, so I'll catch you later.