Chapter 3

22/07/2011- Midnight

Dear Anthony

I guess it's the next day considering it is Midnight now, but I can't sleep. Even though Ellen is only upstairs, my heart aches for her. I'm seriously considering just crawling into bed with her- as I know I'm not going to get any sleep this way. I've thought about cuddling with the teddy that Ellen got me on our first anniversary, but it is no-where near the same as cuddling her. She's softer and more delicate, and she hugs back.

Wait let me get back on topic. I'm starting to not care on what my parents' think- and to be honest we are going to be up before them anyway, so I doubt they'll even see us.

Okay. Fuck it. I'm going to cuddle up with my girlfriend of a year, and if my parents have a problem with it then so be it.

Catch you later!

22/07/2011- Midday

Morning Anthony

After crawling into bed with Ellen I'd had the best night sleep ever. I swear it was heaven. It was so god damn warm and cosy and Ellen was being adorable as always. I'm so glad that I'd convinced myself just to go with it- because now I feel like I'm the happiest guy alive.

We ended up waking again at 8am, and Ellen was so happy to see me. She was beaming and seemed so happy to wake in my arms even though I had horrible morning breath and she was still half asleep. I swear I was in heaven, and because of this we ended up sleeping in until 9.

Me and Ellen always tried to get up relatively early when we were together, as we wanted to spend as much time together as possible- even if we just end up cuddled in bed in a comforting silence for a good couple hours of it.

Oh in case you are wondering where Ellen is, she's gone round the corner shop to get some new batteries. I and she basically run a YouTube channel together where we post music covers. I either play the piano or guitar and she sings. We are not very popular but it is something that we love doing. I've been assigned the task of ensuring that I know my notes correctly as she gets new batteries for the camera.

I haven't told her, but for Christmas I'm planning to get us a DSLR, that way I can do my photography more and also the covers would be better quality. I've been saving up for it since we started this YouTube thing a year before we began dating- so two years ago now. I've finally saved up now, thanks to finally getting a job in the local supermarket.

Anyway, I'm just practicing as I write this and wait for Ellen's return. I'm going to try and bring up the subject of cameras so I can secretly get her opinion on what one would be good. Also she told me she's written a few songs, and wants to get my opinion on them.

I better go before she gets back, I need to warm up a little more anyway

Catch you later.

22/07/2011- Afternoon

Evening Anthony

I'm just writing this whilst cooking nachos for dinner. Nachos are the boss! The parents have nicely gone out for a meal and a walk so me and Ellen can have a bit of space. It'll only be a quickie because Ellen is just getting changed into something warmer than skinny jeans and a rather thin t-shirt, with it getting later. I deliberately left my hoodie on my bed for her to wear, so hopefully she'll pick up on that as I think she looks adorable in my hoodie that is only a little too big for her (with me being tall and lanky and her being average height and weight)

Anyway Ellen's back downstairs now and she has put it on- she has an amazing ability to pick up little things like that, I have to head off now anyway we have some cooking to finish

Catch you Later!