The adventure of

Harry Bob

Chapter one

On one cool evening in the jungles of Africa, lived a special Monkey. His name was Harry Bob. Harry Bob had four brothers and one sister. Frank; Chuck; Thomas; Joe and his little sister Kim. He had a grandfather that had always told him the story of the angry volcano. After eating his usual dinner of bananas and leaves; Harry Bob started to think about the story his Grandfather had told him. He had always wanted to go to the volcano to find out what made the volcano angry. But every time he asked to go, his mother told him no.

Harry Bob was lying down on his favorite branch looking over at the volcano. He had heard it from time to time; and as his grandfather had told him; it sounded angry. But knowing it sounded angry wasn't good enough. He wanted to know why it was angry. He decided to take the long trek to the volcano, and knew that his mom would say no to him if he asked her. So even though he knew it was wrong to go without asking his mom, his curiosity was too overwhelming to do the right thing. After a good night's sleep, he got up extra early so he could get ready for the long journey ahead of him. In the back of his mind, he knew he shouldn't, but the knowledge of doing the wrong thing didn't take away from the curiosity of why the volcano was angry. Harry bob quietly packed some food for the long journey ahead of him, and quietly slipped out of the tree and started down the small narrow trail that led away from his home.

The sun started rising and even though he hadn't been walking that long, he started feeling hungry, and realized that he forgot to eat something before he left. Harry bob looked around and looked for a nice quiet spot to sit down and eat a little bit of the food he packed, because he wanted to have enough for the rest of the trip. After finishing up eating, and he had been walking for about what felt like hours. Harry bob suddenly stopped, because he heard a strange noise he hadn't heard before. So while he was standing there, trying to figure out what and where the noise had come from, he felt nervous. New things made him feel scared.

Just then, a small python slid out of the tall grass, and slithered right up to Harry bob. "Are you from around here?" The snake asked. "Actually no, I live in the small valley up over the small hill by the lake." "Then why are you here, where are you going?" The snake asked. "Well, ever since I was really little, my grandfather told me stories about the angry volcano, and since I have never told why it's so angry, I decided to go there and find out." The snake looked at him funny; then said something to Harry bob that surprised him. "Can I go with you; I have always wanted to know the same thing myself." The snake stood there for a moment, waiting on Harry bob to answer him. He stood there for a few seconds thinking about it. "Do I let him? could be good to have someone going with me. Besides he seems nice. "Sureā€¦but first I have one question. What's your name." "Sammy." He said as his tongue wagged as he said it. The two of them started down the trail looking forward to finding the volcano.

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