The Stalked

From the unlatched window I dare look

To find things found only in night terrors.

To look upon this world they unjustly took

To lay judgment upon those who made fatal errors

These beings from another place,

Loathe anything from a higher grace.

Nocturnal creatures that search the charred earth,

Seeking things that can still feel.

The ash flies high from an abandoned hearth

Before there dark master they slowly kneel.

Giving to him their sanity

Whilst he reins over all humanity.

The stench of burning flesh ripe upon the kindling wind

The moon casting a malicious glow

Making one feel pinned.

Illuminating the evil scurrying below

With noses held up to the sky

Inhaling and hunting, one lets out a cry.

I try to forget it all and seal it away,

All those malevolent thoughts that my conscious hides.

Lock them in a pine box and let them decay,

But the smell of my fear out the window it glides.

Alerts them of my presence

For they are out to snuff out all impudence.

I hear the first screech and know what I have done

I lock the window and turn to face what is near.

Not feeling any hope for there is none

My thoughts suddenly very clear.

This world was never meant for us to thrive

Before they can get me out the window I dive.