Window Calls My Name

The chill in the air of my bedroom

Freezing the marrow of my bones

Making it feel as if it were a tomb

Filled with shrieks, creaks, and groans.

Waking me up from a dead sleep

I feel something ominous is beginning to creep.

My mind still foggy not fully alert

To my window I look but don't see thee.

But I hear a sound that makes my heart hurt

Realizing it has finally found and come for me.

My fate is sealed in dirty red blood,

My soul waiting to be dragged through the mud.

I cross to the window ever slowly

Waiting for its ghastly image to appear

A shadow begins to spread eerily

My blood slows knowing my death is near

A figure of darkness forms in the mist

My hands at my sides formed into fists.

Face shrouded in darkness from its hood

Rib cage exposed to show a still beating heart.

I would have turned and fleed if only I could

But I knew he would never let me part.

Boney hands reaches for my throat

Through the glass they easily float.

Their icy grip upon my bare skin

I feel as if my heart instantly stops.

This is the consequence for my sin

I begin to feel weak like withered crops.

I hear a empty and hollow sound

Its my lifeless body hitting the ground.