Demon Unseen

Squatting in a corner huddled close to the ground

trying to hide in this toxic place,

leaping with fear at the slightest sound.

Wanting to simply vanish without a trace.

The shadowed door seems to slouch to the side,

with a small stream of light beneath pointing to where I hide.

The light flickers from sudden movement in the hall,

my breath catches in my throat like a snare.

I see the doorknob turn with a slow droll.

It opens with venom as I intently stare.

There you stand the demon of my dreams

The one who believes that music consists of my screams.

You slowly break through the threshold,

and begin your search for what you so desperately need.

Watching you languidly creep like odorous mold,

Doing what you deem right upon your creed.

You turn your back, and I see my chance

I dash for the door without a second glance.

With a quick pace snatch a hold of my hair;

and pull my back into your solid grip

while gently running your blade over my skin so fair.

I stare into your eyes with a tremble of my lip.

With speed and precision my heart you pierce

I begin to slip as you watch, your face so fierce.

The birds chirp as the sun does rise.

Others at the start of a new dawn.

Yet the light can not reach my unseeing eyes.

No one knowing that I am long gone.

In the stale crumpled sheets of my bed

I lay from my night terror mysteriously dead.